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  1. Yeah, major shaft play. I'll drain the oil and check the oil pan at some point.
  2. You're telling me. Yes, and No I haven't done that, would doing that now give any sign of that being the cause?
  3. The company I bought it from had inspected it prior to sale (Probably to cover their liabilities). Also I ran engine oil flush through with new oil then replaced with new oil again before driving.
  4. The car is a 2003 Legacy GT 2.0 Wagon AT The first two were (Including one that came with car) were VF38's. I then did some research and learn't the 38's were terrible and opted for a VF44 from an 07 legacy instead. Yes it is, and no I haven't replaced it. However on replacing the turbos I cleaned it using brake cleaner. I'm pretty sure I did? I used the banjo bolts that came with the turbo. Never knew they were a different size. Not to my knowledge, the only aftermarket part on the car is the air inlet pipe to the turbo which I have had no issues with. [quote name='ballsrburning said: Is it in stock Location? Do you run anti lag? What's the setup? Yes, everything on the car is stock that I know of, other than the air inlet pipe to the turbo.
  5. Allright so. This is the 3rd turbo (including one that was on the car when i bought it) that has blown since ive owned it (5months). Im at a loss as to why the hell this keeps happening. There is oil flowing, coolant flowing, no smoke out the exhaust, no smoke from engine, no check engines/oil lights. New turbo gaskets. Car boosted fine when running, went to work then noticed it was stuffed again when leaving. What the hell would cause this? I would appreciate any input.
  6. I don't think so. I think the initial leak was just exhaust gases escaping.
  7. Hey guys, So I finally got my 03 legacy back together and started it. The first time I started it there was a bit of a leak on exhaust side of turbo so I tigthened the nuts and started it again and that issue was gone. I then let it idle for 10 minutes and decided to take it for a small drive to see how it went. I went 500m down the road using minimal throttle and noticed it steaming/smoking again. I managed to get it parked up and let it idle and the steam/smoke was no longer present. I had a look around for leaks etc and the only sign i could find was here: that is a picture from around the oil return line. I'm not 100% sure but it kind of looks like it is leaking through the gasket possibly??
  8. Hey forum, So I am putting in my new turbo and I have discovered a problem... The oil return line hose doesn't seem to fit all the way up the turbo oil return pipe (As shown in picture below). Do you guys have any suggestions on how I could fix this? One thing I thought of is possibly sliding the lower part of the hose up slightly to share its current length with the upper connection.
  9. For now just leaving engine cover off. Will sort that issue out later ☺
  10. Alright so I had a closer look. Turns out the small pipe was the old hose which went from the pcv joiner on the block to the inlet pipe and the other hose went to the small coolant reservoir return line. All sorted
  11. The thing I'm don't understand is I seem to have an extra hose.. But if the big hose outlet on the inlet pipe is correct then I'm not sure where the small hose goes, or where the other hose connects....
  12. I'm thinking I may have connected the big inlet pipe port to the wrong place?? Maybe. As for coolant line crossover I'm not quite sure. the coolant feed line is still attached to the turbo. this might make things more clear. [video=youtube;LsRlVOoN26I]
  13. Here is another picture of one of the hoses I also removed the hose
  14. I haven't cut anything shorter atm.. YEah this is a view from the back of the engine bay looking at the turbo side of the inlet. I remember having to disconnect the tubes to get the OEM inlet out..
  15. Hey, I am installing an aftermarket inlet pipe on my 03 EJ20 BP5 Wagon and I am hooking up the vaccum lines and I can't remember where a few of them go... (took it apart 1 month ago and didn't take pictures or anything). The hoses circled are the hoses in which I don't know where to connect them. Can anyone give me some info? Cheers.