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  1. I know only a small amount of 99 Legacy B4's came with the Japanese Sat Nav. The display on my Sat Nav has gone black I need it to display the AC controls. Can anybody help me to find another unit?
  2. Hello, Today the display on my fixed Sat Nav went black, can't see anything. 😟 I can hear it's getting power when I turn on the ignition just no display. I've checked all of the wiring work I did to get the Sat Nav working and everything still has strong connections. Does anyone know what could be wrong? Could the display have failed or could be something else separate to the Sat Nav? I get no AC visual controls without the screen functioning.
  3. A 60km warning suits me fine, sure beats a 500m warning! lol. Know what you mean about the gauge non-linearity. Now I have the gauge working I am familiar again with the needle and how it goes up and down with the terrain. In some way's you can not rely on the gauge reading in steep varying terrain until you reach the flat again. Is this a side effect of Subaru having two senders in the saddle type fuel tank or is it quite common for a lot of fuel tank configurations?
  4. I got all the work done on my car today. Rear diff bushes and seal/diff oil change, trailing arm bushes, front left axle boot and a full service. The possible culprit of the rough idle could have been the air filter, it was munted!! absolutely had it.. Scan tool went on with no error from the air flow meter... It's too soon to know if the idle is still an issue but will monitor it in the next few days. Will it take some time for the ECU to adjust to the new air filter and correct the fuel ratio?
  5. I had my knock sensor replaced about a year ago. Was that the previous owners neglect I'm not sure. I can't remember what the symptoms were now that lead to the knock sensor being faulty.
  6. I going into the mechanic tomorrow for some other work, I'll mention this and they should know what to do... Is it a relatively quick test?
  7. How do you find the culprit usually? Plain visual inspection?
  8. It's not that I'm not willing to pay it's that I completely forgot! Moved to smaller town a bit over a year ago and the BP only has 95. With so many things on my mind I just totally forgot. I'm putting more time into the car now trying to get it all spruced up. I was putting 98 in back in my home town as I remember being told to. It's probably the last year or so that I've been running 95. So is 95 ok as in won't cause major engine damage but just won't reach the full power potential?
  9. Apparently the ECU can adjust to lower octane fuel, so am I in the clear?
  10. S*** I've been running 95 for a while and I think that's what I filled up with today Is there some sort of additive I can put in?
  11. About a week. Did a good 100km drive in that time and the battery indicator is back to green for OK...
  12. There's been so many things going on with the car I can't think back that far for the idle issue. Is this best looked at by a mechanic?
  13. That sounds like fun! I take it it's not as simple as just adjusting the idle?
  14. I have some trouble with the idle on my 99 TT Legacy. When the car is sitting still idling it sometime drops very low to the point where it feels like it will stall. When the cars moving and I'm coming to a stop with the brakes the revs drop very low when the car has stopped also feeling like it might stall. Does anyone know what the cause of this could be?
  15. Oh I actually meant 91 not 95... 95 is what I usually put in. It's something to do with the high compression engine that needs the higher octane fuel I recall.. I suppose 91 should be a last resort with these cars..
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