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  1. Hey guys, Recently I've been looking into ecu remaps as I have been thinking of getting it for my 03 legacy twin turbo. However I've been finding it hard to find places that actually do remaps for these legacys, has anyone had any experience remapping these or know of any places (preferably in Auckland) that can do it? Cheers, Casey
  2. Yeah it is a rev d, ill get a full tune and service done once shes back together haha
  3. Yeah I dont really plan on getting rid of it any time soon Nah got it through a private sale unfortunately and yeah Wasn't planning on driving it until i'm going to get it fixed, don't really want the whole thing to seize up on me haha
  4. Thanks for the advice guys really appreciate it Yeah defs not that keen to work on a TT subie myself as just changing the oil filter was a mission ( Engine guard bolt was rounded and couldnt get it off ) Im Located in West Auckland atm, the car still drives (just) so somewhere local would be great
  5. Hey guys thanks for the replies Originally got quoted 3.8k to get a second hand long block engine fitted and im fairly new to this sort of stuff so im not 100% sure what would be an absurd price or not haha definitely looking to get the same engine put in it though @evowrx ah well its not an ej22 but I do like the color haha
  6. Hey Guys, New to this forum so forgive me if I have posted this in the wrong area I've recently gotten the diagnosis that my B4 Rsk S-edition has suffered from a big end failure a week after I bought the damn thing :c just wanting some advice for what I should do at this point, is it worth rebuilding, replacing the engine or just cut my losses and get a new car ( dont really want to do this as I've heard the world rally blue "S-Edition" is quite rare) I've received quotes to get it fixed and the cost is not pretty haha Any advice is greatly appreciated Cheers, Casey
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