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  1. Yip thanks mate, just called them today and they quoted approx $5k to rebuild. Just waiting on a cosworth rebuilt engine quote from All Drive Subaroo in Australia too but $5k seems to be the ballpark figure. I would love to rebuild the engine myself but I just don't have the time, tools and know how to complete the job, got a quote for quality parts for $2350 to rebuild the engine so would just need someone to re-assemble the engine however I am not entirely sure how much damage has been done, potentially needs the crankshaft replaced too. Another option I am looking at is sourcing one from Japan and importing it in. Thanks for your help, much appreciated. Cheers
  2. Thanks mate, this one's a single turbo - TA-BP5 chassis. Yip looking at getting a replacement in, looks like All Drive Subaroo in Oz have decent Cosworth rebuilt engines, looking at that option atm. Cheers Thanks mate, looking at options atm. Wow ok, I might look at that option to do a decent conversion. Cheers Seems like I have a VF38/TD04 turbo. Looking at getting a cosworth rebuilt engine from All Drive Subaroo in Oz. Cheers
  3. Hey guys I have a 2ltr Legacy GTB and the engine seized up today, don't really know for sure what it is but the engine just cut out and won't start up again, sounded like a lot of knocking before it cut out. Either way it looks like I will need and engine/turbo replacement or find someone who can recondition my engine/turbo back to running condition. Would anyone be able to recommend someone who could recondition my engine/turbo? I currently have a quote of $2300 for an engine/turbo replacement + $500 fitting, looking at calling up Strong for Subaru and a few other wreckers on Monday to get more quotes, the alternative is to import an engine/turbo from Japan. Also does anyone know if I can fit a better turbo onto the engine? And if so, what model? What other mods would I need to do? As the factory turbo is rubbish. Thanks for your help in advance. Paul -
  4. the seller quoted $900 to fix and wants $3200 for the car. Don't think its worth it at that price. Just can't afford to fix anything else on a low budget... seems like running away as fast as possible from this deal is the best idea. Ta
  5. Another car on the horizon is a 99 gtb wagon - issue with oil leaks, rocker cover gasket - faulty air flow sensor. Should I run like the plague or are these issues relatively simple and not too expensive to fix up?
  6. The car has been under one owner for the last 10 years and there is service history for the most part - no mention of any engine/ecu swap. Ok, seems like too much of a risk then but then again its also selling on the cheap. Not sure what i'm going to do. Thanks for your advice though! Cheers
  7. Yep 2005 - BL5 chassis. Doesnt' have the facelift front end. Looking at buying and having the codes cleared but then again if its an ECM failure there wouldn't be any point. Just need some advice on the ECM module. I would assume it would be a very expensive fix?
  8. Urgent advice needed - re: engine check light on - as I am looking at buying a car that is going to auction today The following codes are from a 2005 legacy BL5 chassis: P0441 Sec air system close seized Integ unit system error Can HS ECM no receive data Can ECU no receive data fault location comm line failure ecm to integ unit or ecm failure Your advice on what these codes mean asap would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  9. What car did you get mate? I just did that couple weeks back, flew down to chch and drove back up to akl... mint drive, enjoy! Cheers. Paul
  10. Hey mate, I used to import vehicles from Japan and you will need to have a very good reason as to why you would want to have an exemption made to the land transport rules with regards to importing a vehicle that will not comply under the current emissions standards. The general rule is for the vehicle to have a 3 letter emissions code to gain compliance (eg. ABA, CBA, DBA), generally cars manufactured after 04-05 are compliant but there are still some types that won't comply so need to keep an eye out when importing. Cheers. Paul
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