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  1. Thanks yes ive wanted one ever since they came out what time? i could be keen....
  2. Heres a photo of it currently https://www.instagram.com/p/-72d9tPfVC/
  3. yeah all my searches are for parts for both cars, ill try the NZ GT86 club thanks. whats the estimated cost to get stuff custom fabricated?
  4. Thanks for the tip, first thing im looking at will be an exhaust, from the header back and a tune. I been reading online and i will hold off on the turbo or supercharger till i have racked up a few more KMs. I can only find one bolt on off the shelf header in NZ http://www.redlineperformance.co.nz/products/exhaust/exhaust-manifolds/toyota/xforce-exhaust-manifold-header-t86-brz/ it doesn't seem anywhere as good as ones i can find overseas..... such as Borla or Nameless. Anyways ill keep looking as i want to get these out of the way before the holidays
  5. Nice! i tried uploading a pic but im not good at forums..... i will have to come along to the next meet!
  6. Hi All, New to the forums and returning to the world of Subaru, i have just got myself a BRZ As everyone knows performance is disappointing, ive been looking at what i should start with to help fix that.... NZ is very limited for parts, whats some recommendations for getting parts to NZ without crazy shipping prices??
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