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  1. What would you suggest I wrap it in should I go that direction? Do you think I could get them laser cut for accuracy? Thanks for all the advice so far by the way.
  2. Sounds like a plan. Any idea who I'd take it to, to get it plastic welded?
  3. I just had this thought and you're probably right. ****, so what other option(s) do I have?
  4. Niavely i bought this fascia already: But obviously the holes are reversed. The benefit of my setup is the manual ac control unit comes away seperately (once the cable is released). I took my current control unit apart and i cant just move the a/c button hard wired to the board behind it. Only aparent solution is to get a whole replacement ac control unit (dials and switches incl) and hazard switch and fit in like a US version legacy with the US fascia i already have. I could then sell the stock radio kit + ac control unit to try recoup costs. So goes my theory anyway.
  5. Ok, so im considering buying left hand drive manual aircon unit + hazard switch from the states. Cost should be around $200NZ I cant find a cheaper or better solution as it doesnt look like you can get right hand drive fascias for my setup online. Alternative might be buy the full auto double din kit and seeing if i can wire it to work, but thats double the cost with no confirmation it would even work and no aparent instuctions online (doubt its been done before).
  6. Actually has two plugs. The black one goes on the left side and the big white one goes in the middle of the unit.
  7. So I had a look and have these two unused plugs: They don't look like anything you linked. I'm still fascia-less. Anyone got any other bright ideas, because I'm getting very dispondant.
  8. I'd probably need to know what connector I'm looking for. There appears to be one or two smaller connectors spare, but I think they're from the stereo. The aircon works just fine as is and I'm really keen to keep costs down, so getting a whole new digital aircon kit is more or less off the table.
  9. This is in essence the problem. I actually only need a replacement fascia, not a whole new aircon + fascia kit. As Andy said earlier in the forum, I need this: but with the button holes reversed. I actually bought this fascia as it wasn't that expensive, the trouble I have is I would need a UK hazard switch and would need to move my A/C button from get it to work, like so. Does anyone have any experience with doing this or know if it's even possible? I've searched long and hard and can't find a right hand drive version of this fascia anywhere, so it seems moving the A/C switch and sourcing a UK hazard switch may be my only solution.
  10. I think i see what you mean now. Im struggling to find a a/c stereo fascia that will allow me to install an aftermarket headunit. I got a single din HU and currently have it stalled without the fascia (and it looks dog ugly). Anyone know a place that actually has/sells right hand drive fascias for a 2005 legacy?
  11. I'm putting the Nexus idea on hold for now and will try replace the current vent fascia with the lid version. Going to order that double din aircon/radio fascia though and chuck in a touch pad headunit and upgrade all speakers. Anyone know if there will be any issues fitting a pair of Alpine SPS-610C 6.5" Componant's in the front (will I need spacers and will the tweeters fit etc)?
  12. Thanks for all your replies, thats really helpful. I like the look of your setup and might go with a similar setuo initially then add the nexus later. Is a gen 1 or gen 2 nexus 7 preferable?
  13. Can you get the standard or even the new facia kits in NZ? If so, how much are they? Are we talking the plastic ducting bit or is it more than that? Also is it strictly a Nexus 7 (not 8 or 9) that works? EDIT: Sorry, came up with more annoying questons... Are there no double din options at all and can you fit a single din if not double? Is there anyway to fit a decent head unit in the vehicle, like a radio/cd/CC rack where the radio can be easily removed?
  14. I saw this one as well. Looks a bit more complicated than I'm capable, but might give it a go.
  15. I saw that on another forum, budget, but functional.
  16. Cheers for that. Do you know of any links to builds with the nexus 7?
  17. Hi All New to the forums, but not Subby's. Had an Legacy GT which I blew up a few years ago, went to Honda, but have come back home with a newly imported 2005 Legacy very recently. My model has come with a Pioneer Carrozzeria DVD/Navi unit (AVIC-DRV05). The unit is in Japanese, but fortunately comes with the loading DVD, so technically I can play Japanese zoned DVD's and muck about with hard coded Japanese Navigation. Ultimately it's useless to me and my google searches so far have shown that these can't be converted to English. So, the solution is to replace it with something. Do I look for a single din headunit or is this whole thing double din? Anyone replaced one of these before and is it easy enough to do (I've done 3 single din replacements previously). Also, currently the radio come out of the stock radio below this DVD/Navi, will I need to disable that sucker? Photos of the current setup: Cheers Dave (Faithbleed)