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  1. sweet! love the sound of the exhaust! but doing the front pipe+ tune+panel filter wont have much difference in sound compare to before right? think i might just change the muffler later for the sound haha.yup defenitely doing the tint as well, might plasti dip the rear lights(smoke), custom colour for the rims..u mean <200 for each rim right...? think im just not that used to the heavy sedan thats all, ill get used to it later. how about the stoptech pads? or is it not as good as the stock ones? jsut around 2k at the moment aye but dont need to rush everything all together, dont mind changing everything slowly cheers
  2. oh sweet, yeah ive looked on their website it says 2003-2006 only, so i emailed them asking if they can make one for an '07 BL5 is twin scroll right? anyways, will get the downpipe thing sorted and already bought the K&N panel filter..so tunning are around 400 ish is it? never done it before and get the rims changed later as they r pretty expensive for me at the moment
  3. yeah, performance isnt a big thing for me as the factory ponies are more than enuf for my daily use anyway. what, so if i just do down pipe, it wouldnt change much difference? btw have u heard the perrin exhaust in person? subaruwrxfan on youtube had that, sounded pretty nice but havnt heard it in person..[h=1][/h]
  4. he said front pipe tho.. will there be a big difference if i change down pipe instead of front pipe? And yeah, will listen to you guys' advices. subtech doesnt make the down pipe for my year model tho, so any other suggestions where i can buy them? thanks
  5. Im not too familiar with subtech...actually not familiar with anything to do with subaru yet haha sorry noob question isnt those pipes all included in the catback?lol and uh what does the panel filter do.. Do you know if its a good idea to just go reflash the ecu without doing any mods first? http://www.andysautosport.com/products/hks__31019-AF019.html#Related Videos fitting i can get my bro to help me so no cost there but yeah if i just want someone to think its a stock normal legacy and destroy them on some road...then the stock sound should be good..
  6. Yeah man...after the down pipe there will be there header and follows the rest the parts...endless modifications.. Not actually to really bump too much power tbh but just to make it sound better and at the same time increase a bit of power with not that much cash input I'm more of a person that care about the look and sound over the performance tbh. subaru;s brembo is only 1.5k?? where can i get them.,,yeah or i should just stick with some nice break pads. any ideas for the rims tho? im kinda of looking at enkei kind of like these ones http://www.hyperdrive.co.nz/product/car-4-5-stud/194/pf01-silver/1094328/detail?associated=1094333%2C1094334%2C1094335%2C1094336%2C1094337%2C1094338%2C1094340 except def gonna look for a second hand one cuz that **** too expensive for me
  7. not too familiar with subtech...actually not familiar with anything about subaru yet lol what is the front pipe gonna do tho..isnt that connected to the header..so think i should change the header too....?im a noob here anyways that reflash and panel filter sounds good to me for the sounds i just looked at this website..not sure if they ship to nz yet tho.. http://www.andysautosport.com/products/hks__31019-AF019.html#Related Videos But yeah if i wana surprise some people that thot its just a normal legacy then bam..get chopped i guess should be good too
  8. come on.. it looks legit in the engine bay at least...but yeah so should i get ecu reflash or something?do u know the cost i think im just used to my dc5 brembro brakes...they were exceptional..and the dc5 was much lighter than the BL5 sedan. could be just me not used to the vehicle yet.. cheers
  9. the BL5 specB has finally arrived just need good ideas for the brands i should get for the exhausts. Ive already ordered cusco front strut tower and AEM intake, hoping to do some catback, had a look on the web and thot the kakimoto or HKS hi power silent exhaust should be a good idea? Or are there better options, i dont want the exhaust to be too loud. Also anyone have experience with stoptech? i notice that the stock brakes arnt as powerful maybe cuz the car is too heavy to stop....should i just get some break pads instead of a whole set. Cheers
  10. Hey bro will def look into it:) Think its the EJ20? 6speed manual cheers
  11. So guys, just changing from the honda league to Subie got myself a BL5 spec B from Japan I know already that there isn't much aftermarket parts for this type of car so need you guys to tell me what sort of brands etc to use and where to get them from I'm after a rear wing spoiler-that look kind of like factory ones and catback exhaust Let me know what else I should do cheers
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