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  1. Thanks. Might give them a call. If the price is somewhere between getting springs ($300), and decent second-hand adjustable suspension ($800~$1000), I will probably go through your option
  2. Thanks. No wonder why I didnt get much info when I Googled Blitzen shocks (although there were some). I guess I will spend money on other things
  3. I've just purchased a BP5 GTB and it came with nice bits including Blitzen suspension. I was looking into getting an adjustable suspension, which will end up costing like $1,200 for a new one + cert (or $600-700 for second hand + cert), but when my friend saw this, he told me I should keep these suspensions as they're pretty decent and get lowering springs which will only cost $300 for a new one as I can fit them myself. So would it be worth the money getting adjustable suspension or should I just get lowering springs on Blitzen shocks instead?
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