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  1. Had a quote from them for 1600 + GST...Southern court gave me quote for 1200 +GST...then happen chance went to Discount tyres to get my wheel balanced - they quoted 990 + GST for Subaru parts or 800 + GST for Gates kit... Read up on the Gates kit - apparently were good until 2016 when they started replacing Japanese parts with Chinese... Apparently the Aisin kit TKF-010 is the one with all japanese parts - haven't been able to find any in NZ - anyone know? Cheers
  2. Hi Guys, Needing my timing belt done - my water pump has been making a hell of a noise for a couple of years so might as well get all of it done. Heard Alan at K G McLeod in Waverley is the guy - round $1200 sound right? Cheers.
  3. Anyone? Real money and real beer!
  4. Hi My electric window isn't working in my B4 - think it may have ceased on snow day. It clicks on the panel when pushed - probably some grit or something. Just wondering if anyone is keen to help me fix it, can provide cash or beers. Am in Dunedin Central, can come to you. Be good to fix this week, as have to get WOF. Cheers, Jason, 021 102 9617
  5. Hi Guys After an o2 sensor for 2003 Legacy B4 RSK, if anyone has one lying around - Flick me a text 021 102 9617. Had it double check at Southern Motors - not willing to pay 600 buck for an OEM one - wondering if these ones on ebay would be okay? http://www.ebay.com/itm/084-O2-OXYGEN-SENSOR-BOSCH-4-WIRES-2000-2005-SUBARU-OUTBACK-1999-2004-LEGACY-/121009002297?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&fits=Year%3A2003%7CMake%3ASubaru%7CModel%3ALegacy&hash=item1c2cb2d739&vxp=mtr Cheers, Jason.
  6. Okay, so I should bleed the cooling system? Then rip out/replace the thermostat? Anybody want to give me a hand today?...kinda freaking out if the HG is blown...will make it worth your while. Cheers, Jason.
  7. Just checked bottom pipe coming out of radiator - cold. Thermostat?
  8. Water ok. Blowing cold air through heater. Any other checks I can do? Best place to get HG done? Many thanks, appreciate it. Jason.
  9. Last night seemed only to overheat when going up hills - if that makes a difference. Was reading threads like: http://www.clubsub.org.nz/forum/index.php?topic=14336.30 Wishful thinking in hoping its not a HG. Seen threads saying could be relay, ECU too...aaargh. Cheers, Jason.
  10. Hi, Went for a blast out to Port last night, put the foot down overtaking some cars and my temperature gauge got close to redlining. Cooled it down, started driving back, was okay til I drove up a hill. Hoping it\'s just the thermostat. Just wondering if anyone\'s got a Combustion Leak Tester they\'re willing to test on my B4 for some cash or beers? Would be greatly appreciated. If the eye rolling result is a head gasket - who would you get it done by in Dunedin? Text me if you can help. Cheers, Jason 0 two 1, 102 9617
  11. Hi I\'ve had a problem with a fuel smell since I drove my 2003 B4 Legacy down to Dunedin from Auckland 2 years ago. I\'ve tightened all the clamps I could (Used to work on a Ford Escort back in the 80\'s, but this car is way too complicated for me), so took it down to Southern Motor Court to show them the ones on the driver side I couldn\'t get at. They said they were all tight and couldn\'t find anything else and charged me $180. In the morning it\'s most prominent, and I smoke, so I leave the air con on recycle, just in case. My fuel consumption (according to energy wise anyway) should be 104km for 20 bucks and I\'m getting round 70km when I drive out to Osbourne in the weekend and around town during the week. Kind of hindering me heading out of town because of the fuel cost. Just wondering if anyone\'s got any tips for tracing this (should I just get the fuel lines replaced?) or if you\'re free and can help out, can pay you in beer or cash. Cheers.
  12. Hey hey Just bought another B4, want to install a subwoofer out of the boot of older one to new one - thought someone may know how to do it easier than me and can give Cash$$$ or beer. All that under carpet, pulling out backseat stuff finding a mission. Port Chalmers based. Gimme a call if interested. Cheers, Jason 021 102 9617
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