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    2000 MY01 Subaru WRX Bugeye. Black with Black Wheels. Upgraded exhaust, cat back. Turbo updgrade to VF29.
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  1. A_Tiny_Chipmunk - GC8E2DD. Also thank you for offering. So many to choose from now. I will keep in touch to see who is available closer to the time. Wedding is March next year so will be in touch 2-3 months prior. Kind Regards.
  2. Jambun - Yes, would be keen on that. Thank you for offering. I will keep in touch closer to the time (March 2017).
  3. Hi Lasersooby, Thank you for the offer. Is yours a bugeye? Or previous Gen? Also out of curiosity, what colour?
  4. Thank you so much for offering. For now I will see what Sedans come up. However, I will definitely keep you in mind. Cheers, Matt.
  5. That would be awesome. Thank you for offering. I will keep in touch then and let you know closer to the time (March).
  6. Thanks man. Anything would do. Would prefer stuff that is not too heavily modified. Stock with minor mods (exhaust etc) would be preferred. Too keep the photos clean.
  7. Hi All, I am getting married in Wellington next year, Friday the 24th of March 2017. I am looking for two people with either a wrx or sti, that would be willing to help out on the day. I would get you to pick me and the groomsmen up and drop us to the venue, poser park your cars while the guests turn up and then your cars would also be part of our wedding photo shoot. It would be from roughly 3pm-6pm. I would offer you $150 for your time and $50 towards petrol. Bit of background. I have been living in Melbourne for 5 years now. However, Cheryl and I are from Wellington originally. I own
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