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  1. Am running a v3 ecu non Sti it is a 2s out of GF8 . but sweet thanks is it just straight bolt? Any mods needed ?
  2. I wanna do single turbo conversion properly and still have the twin turbo intake manifold on. does a v3 intake manifold bolt onto a ej20h? as im also having problems with getting it too start due too wrong ignition setup as i need wasted spark setup
  3. Would anyone know where to find the full pinouts for a v1/2 WRX ECU? I converted too a single turbo setup and my car isnt starting at the moment as im running an adapter to run a V3 ECU but have a couple issues as im unsure of what wiring needs to be done under the bonnet so the map sensor and stuff works with the new v3 ECU. SInce im having issues i was deciding to just go to a V1/2 ECU and repinning it too that as that way I wouldnt have to change too wasted spark setup ect as I want this driving asap without having too tamper half the bloody engine again. Ive already wired in the 3 pin air flow metre, got adapter made to fit a v3 ECU and got matching AFM to the ecu but still wont start. engine sparks, cranks and gets fuel but just doesnt turn over. its the BG5A model with the old ej20h so its the harder conversion too take on
  4. Also i have a electronic boost controller T pieced into the turbo and wastegate actuator so how would I connect the BCS too this?
  5. I don't have the plastic stock pipe as shown in your photo above. I have a custom metal pipe which doesn't have all the inlets as the stock one has.
  6. intake pipe? As in connected to the pod filter? I dont think there is any more free ports in my intake manifold especially not as small as the hoses in the bbod
  7. I have recently converted my EJ20H twin turbo engine to a single turbo setup. I was up to the BBOD and I have set it up exactly like this in the photo provided. I was wondering if this was the correct way to modify the BBOD for the single turbo conversion and if it is, what port do I connect the manifold pressure too? I got a adapter made to fit my 4plug to 3 plug v3/4 WRX ecu and have also got a matching purple AFM. Last things i have to do now is wire up the 3 pin plug to fit in the purple AFM and this BBOD. Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. the automotive sparky making me the adapater said the only thing i might have to change is the plug to the AFM as the purple and blue afm have different plugs. but other than that he told me everything is matched up at the ECU to do its thing. For now ill install the V3 WRX ECU, purple AFM and see where that takes me. It looks like the earthing has already been mofified in the engine bay but if I still have problems I will just get a call out auto sparky who said he could finish it off if i needed.
  9. And wouldnt having a lower compression ratio engine compared to the compression on the ECU be better as lower compression is meant to handle more boost? ANd thats the reason I dont want to change to 6S ecu as I dont want to change injectors which is a very annoying job rather just easily install the ecu and afm and be away,.
  10. I have already bought the 2S and getting adapter sent to me already so I cant really get STI ECU now maybe further in the future. Im just sticking to 2S ECU with the grey injectors as the adapter will do most of the hard work for me. WIth this setup im guessing I have to use the purple AFM then? Would I have to change anything else when ive installed the new ECU and AFM? I already have a after market boost controller on the vf29 but its just on stock 10psi
  11. put it the way it was, jump started and was fine, think the DPS being connected muddled with something, just waiting on ECU to arrive now
  12. I have acquired a 2s ECU along with a adapter so connect the 4 plug into the 3 plug 2s ECU. But apparently the compression ratio on the ej20g it came from has compression of 8:1 and the ej20h I have now has compression 9:1 so would there be an issue? It's single turbo converted with a VF29 but don't know if the ecu would be agressive enough as its non Sti
  13. Sorry a lack of fuel was a bad description as a bad fuel pump usually means the engine doesn't even crank. My engine is cranking and making a clicking sound but not wanting to start.
  14. I was told by someone to connect the two sides of the differential pressure sensor into a T piece then connect it into the intake manifold. I did this then the car wouldn't start. Sounds like starter motor and battery etc are fine but kind of a lack of fuel? but not sure its fuel pump as it started completely fine everytime before I connected the stupid thing. Anyways I put everything back to how it was before and I still have the problem so im quite stumped. Havent even taken it for a drive since so I have no idea what it is. Any help would be much appreciated.
  15. I found a 2S ECU out of a standard WRX version 3 which I am getting an adapter made to plug and play and I was told that the version 3/4 run blue afm and greys so could anyone clear this up?
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