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  1. Also; thoughts on a catch can; will it help or just be a waste of money remembering this is an NA ej20. Cheers
  2. Its a daily driver, but I do drive it hard from time to time. As for the oil, penrite seems to be burning faster than anything else (have tried it in 5w30 and 5w40). though castrol Ive only used in 5w30. Going to the thicker oil isnt going to affect the pressure under load to drastically though is it? Oil pressure is already quite high (cold around 90-95psi 3k rpm; hot around 80psi at 3k rpm). But ive seen the pressure spike upto 100+ hot at higher revs (6-7k rpm) could be a faulty reading on the sender though. Ill look into getting a leakdown test done. Cheers for the input guys.
  3. Hey guys, Im driving an '03 2.0R legacy atm and its sucking through oil like there is no tomorrow. A mechanic friend told me to try different oils. I've tried a few different brands of 5w30 (carbol fuchs, penrite, castrol..) and cant really find one that will last. I service the thing religiously (every 3-3500km) but still use just over a litre of oil in that time.. There are no leaks, it doesnt seem to be directly burning the oil (ie. no black or blue smoke), and as of 1year ago all 4 cylinders were running at a decent relative compression ratio (1:100 2:95 3:97 4:97). Any oil suggestions; or other suggestions as to what to look at would be greatly appreciated
  4. haha, yeah, ive seen the hogzaust thing.. not even remotely interested. how much would you be looking for for the genomes.? Good condition etc..?
  5. Hey guys, I'm sick of how insanely quite my legacy is with the full factory exhaust. Any ideas where I can buy a full cat-back system for the dual exhaust 2.0R legacy (sedan - bl5) or who would custom fabricate one (without it costing an arm and a leg). Also, does anyone have any experience with a cat delete in the 03 legacy?? Engine error codes likely to be a problem? Preferably within dunedin, or maybe chch (if its prefabricated). Cheers in advance