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  1. Hello! From what I remember it was an issue with a fuse, the auto electrician couldn't say for certain what exactly caused the issue but it has not happened since.
  2. Hey There Thanks for your replies. I will be taking my car into an auto electrician on Monday morn. Hopefully they can sort the rego lights easily and tell me how the second problem occurred. I will update on Monday
  3. Hello I own a Subaru Legacy B4 1999 automatic, today I took it to get a service and Wof. I was only aware that the car may fail the Wof as the rego lights were not working, 3hours later after waiting I was informed by the company that they had replaced both rego bulbs and had tested the fuses and they still did not work so i would need to go to an auto electrician as the mechanic believed it could be a wiring issue.Therefore the car failed the warrent. 10minutes later I paid up and jumped in my car, before I drive out onto the road I applied my brakes and heard the reversing sound, I checked to make sure I was in drive which I was yet I could still hear the beeping noise as if the car was in reverse. I drove back up to the company that had just serviced and completed a Wof check to ask if they had crossed wires or done something. Two mechanic's came out and I advised them that every time I apply my brakes I was hearing the reversing sound even when the car was in drive. One of the mechanics said it was serious electrical fault. I asked if this was related to the two back rego lights not working and he said it could be. I also advised that my car had never done that, the mechanic said ever when they tested it, it was not making the sound. So now I have two issues that need to be assessed by an auto electrician. It makes me wonder if the mechanic had caused the second issue of the "reversing beeping sound" when the brakes are applied or if it is just another problem to sort. The car went into the shop with 1 issue and came out with 2. Any feedback would be great. Thanks