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  1. Thanks everyone for the compliments I'm pretty proud of what I've done so far but always looking for the next step. EZLip looks super easy and is great to know as a back up plan. The car only came with the passenger door monsoon, managed to source a driver's door one at a Subaru Spare shop in Hamilton. Pics of the lip as it currently is below, sanded back with a good coat of primer in prep for a light sanding before painting it black. I should also point out that the lip has been plastic welded back together after a crash I believe, really hoping it didn't get shorter in the process
  2. Hey Guys and Gals First time owner of a Subaru, and first time posting so please be gentle. I picked up a 2001 BH5 E-tune Legacy (I believe it's RevD) early last year and fell in love with it. Since then I've been trying to do cool mods on the cheap and subsequently I picked up a front lip off TradeMe (for a whopping $25) and have been prepping it with rattle cans to get it mounted. I tried test fitting it this weekend only to find that it seemed too small to correctly hook around either side of the bumper around the wheel arches and where the bottom fog lights curve in. Am I right in thinking this is due to the RevD front bumper being different to that of a standard BH5 GT? Has anyone tried and succeeded in fitting one if this is the case? If not, do the RevD's have a specific front lip and would anyone like to sell me one on the cheap? Thanks. Photo of my pride and joy below.
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