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  1. I'd be very keen. If someone is arranging this in Auckland, just PM me and take my cash.
  2. Hey mate, if this all goes well, I definitely owe you a box or two of beer. I'll call AMI again and see if they can do anything about it.
  3. Excess refund a. We will refund your excess if: i your claim relates to an accident with another vehicle, and ii we can confirm that the person driving your vehicle was completely free of blame, and iii you can give us the registration number of the other vehicle and the name and address of the other driver, and iv the other driver acknowledges his or her involvement in the accident to us. No excess a. You do not have to pay any excess: i if you have chosen the ‘Nil excess’ option, or ii if your claim is for loss or damage to a trailer only, or iii for any claim under the section ‘Cover for your legal liability’ (see pages 8 – 9), unless an excess is specified in the Policy Schedule for such claims, or iv for ‘Glass excess buy-out’ (see page 6), or v for ‘Accidental death or permanent disability compensation’ (see page 6), or vi for ‘Medical expenses’ (see page 7). Clauses in AMI's policy seems pretty useless; pretty much the onus is on me to provide the information and there seems to be no obligation for insurer to do anything to identify the offender. What insurance company are you with? It seems like they have much better protection.
  4. Wow mate, much appreciated and while most of it makes sense, I just don't know what the insurance company would do/have access to the card details they paid with. But regarding to the 'establishment of the other party', i.e. the offender, I'll look at my insurance company's policy (for the first time) and see what it actually states. To be fair, this is yet to be identified until the insurance company gets a hold of the video but I will definitely push the insurance company to do something about it after I report the incident to the police.
  5. They were even reluctant to provide a form to report a crime saying there was no point of filling out the form as they won't be able to assist any inquiries from the insurance company. They have clearly stated that they can't issue a reference number (to provide to the insurance company) and this all changed around 18 months ago where police will never deal with car park incidents.
  6. Unsure if similar has happened to anyone and am looking for an advice. Long story short, I'm stuck between rock and hard place unless the offender turns themselves in. Second time in 2 years where the first time it was the front right guard, very noticeable so had pay $400 from my own pocket for repair. Since then, installed a front dash cam and was getting in habit of reverse parking so if anything does happen, it captures everything. One afternoon (27 October 2:13pm) while parked facing front at Hoyts Wairau, this Silver Ford Explorer reverses in, leaves a ding with his tow bar and goes off to park further down the car park instead. Obviously the dash cam did not capture it but the security cameras at Hoyts did but with no use; the number plates are worse than if you intentionally blurred it. While Hoyts was very supportive and accommodating, apparently, for whatever reason, the settings of the cameras were at lowest resolution possible on that day although it supports Full HD. Hoyts did say they've captured (and bookmarked) the faces of people in the vehicle as they walked in after (set in the car for few minutes, walked into Hoyts, booked tickets and left - all within 20 minutes) but obviously they could not disclose this due to Privacy Act so my second option was the police. Went to the local police station (North Shore) where a young officer wasn't 100% sure if they'd investigate, but another old lady told me police would never investigate these scenarios given that it happened on private land and even if police did get faces of the offenders, they wouldn't be able to identify who they are and whether they owned the vehicle; pretty much told me to f*** off and let your insurance deal with it. She did say police, historically (18 months ago) did deal with these kinds of accidents but they no longer do. It's funny how in all news articles, police promotes reporting of these accidents yet they never bother to deal with it. I did argue that this under the legislation is an offence but the lady couldn't give a less f***. Next option; insurance company. Called insurance who was very helpful but needed a case reference number from police to obtain any videos protected under Privacy Act, but again, police does not investigate for reimbursement of money, non-injury accident in private area, or incident is a car park related according to their form. Even if the insurance company did obtain the footage of the faces, I doubt there is anything they could do as police admitted that they won't be able to do anything with it. Pretty much there are clearly visible footage of offenders faces sitting at Hoyts with no one having access to the footage except Hoyts employees, and even with the footage, there is nothing that can be done. I did think about Hoyts reporting on my behalf, but again, police will not investigate nor assist the insurance company so what's the point? Has anyone had similar experience? It seems like moral of the story from the police is if you crash into something and you're sure no one saw it, if it was in private land, just drive away or take the chance at least as police will never get involved.
  7. Had Bilsteins driver side shot and made a horrible knocking noise, replaced with BC Golds and had it certed (Hyper was a pain although was the cheapest in terms of cost - not time-wise) Seems to be okay now but coincidentally I did watch Mightycarmods last night where all 4 CVs snapped at once from dumping clutch (had turboed H6 from what I recall).
  8. Called up Subtech on Monday and they were happy to look at it and have it modified at the exhaust shop (at no cost), but told them I'd be happy with just it hammered down a bit. Took it in today and had it fixed which seems fine for now although there was a knock on left sharp turn on acceleration but I didn't feel this through the steering column so I'm thinking it's not the downpipe. Really happy with their service
  9. Were they Subtech ones? What did you do to make them fit properly? Did you put them on first and then find out?
  10. I'm hoping this is just QA issue on their products and performance wise, as expected, is much quicker. But it sucks having to take off the pipe twice (and potential third time due to the issue), each time taking 2-3 hours due to a bolt on the turbo being stuck. It'll be 9 hours of labour now instead of 2-3.
  11. Sorry forgot to take any photos. The only issue is time when you've 9-5 job and trying to sort out a time for a hoist and a hand at mates when his shop's always busy. I don't doubt that they'll replace it for sure (I probably don't want to since it has been used for a day or two now and coating has melted/worn) but labour taken to put on and back is the issue and I doubt they'd replace it on the spot. Would've been easier to just pay Subtech to install it as it didn't cost a lot and all the trips back and forth to their workshop and they'd sort any of these issues out I'm going to call them on Monday and see what they say and if I have to take the whole thing off either way, may as well just bang it with a hammer to get clearance if no easier options are avail.
  12. Reading the reviews, Subtech seems to be good guys but had a really bad experience with the downpipe, forcing me to remove the pipe twice before installation and will have to remove it again but its a long story so I won't go there. So I've installed the downpipe yesterday but was feeling something odd when steering left (a vibration and a light scraping noise). Lifted the car up straight away and the steering column was definitely rubbing the downpipe evident by a tiny mark. So tried to loosen all the bolts just in case there was a bit of move left and tightened it again with the downpipe pushed as far away from the steering column. At the worst angle, there was about 5mm gap so I thought this would do the trick. Sadly this is still happening and while its a huge scrape, this definitely will have safety implications on hard cornering at fast speeds. The easiest solution online was to remove the pipe again (which will be my third time removing it) and hammer it down after heating it up. This would be my resolution and I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience (with any kinds of downpipe) and found an easier solution for it?