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  1. Check the overflow for leaks - if it\'s the plastic one they are two parts. Mine was running back down a hose and it looked like it was coming from middle of engine
  2. tell your "friend" to park car in garage and get ready for when "his" wife next drives the car. Then immediately exclaim that something is wrong. Then fix $$ comes out of "his" wifes slush fund = winning
  3. Remove bulbs from CEL in dash and carry on as you were.
  4. Did you get to give any Rodney King treatment?
  5. Doh. IMHO FWIW if you are running parallel on stock gear you wont be satisfied with performance OR driveability. If you are spending more money to make it run parallel on upgraded gear so performance is better then its cheaper and still betterer to single turbo. If you are doing it for economy, give yourself an uppercut and bike to work instead.
  6. We used to have Prius\' at work. Could never get em to do a burnout. It is kinda cool ghosting along with no engine noise and then beeping horn right behind an unsuspecting cyclist :-*
  7. Can you please add a part in the poll for 2013. I want the MM in 2013!
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