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  1. The 4b ecu was used for wagons that came out with the auto tranny and tdo4 I believe, but it has since been swapped to manual and tdo5. Will see how it runs once it's in with the 4b ecu but will definitely get a sti ecu asap. Will the v2 ecu be the ideal one to get or is their a later one that would be even better? Cheers
  2. Sorry was told it was 3 plug but I've just pulled it now and it's a 4 plug 4b ecu. So just to clarify will I need to even swap the intake and stuff over or not? Cheers for the info guys
  3. Hey guys, I'm a new member to site also fairly new to the Subaru scene. I have 1996 wrx wagon with an Ej20g engine fairly stock except for a upgraded turbo to a tdo5 from tdo4 and a front mount intercooler. The engine now has major rod knock so I have purchased a complete minus turbo/intercooler v2 sti engine. I just have a few concerns and any help would be much appreciated. So from what I've been told and found I should be able to use my intake afm etc swap it over to the sti and that should be fine? Will it be fine to use the current ecu in the wrx to run the sti engine with the parts swapped over? I understand that it would have been tuned for the tdo4 and the original motor but will it cause any issues with the engine? Reason be the wrx has a 3 plug ecu and I think the v2 sti is 4 plug. Not looking to make any huge power will only be running at standard boost just wanting to get it alive once again Any help or advice, tricks, tips even for the swap itself is much appreciated!! Tia
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