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  1. Hey Team, Have any of you had to replace an in tank fuel pump on a gen 4 3.0r Legacy? Looking around found that GOSS do a replacement pump for a good price, but different sources say to use one of two models (GE271 or GE272). Has anyone gone through this process? What brand did you use, who stocked it etc any info would be a great help. Cheers!
  2. Resonator just arrived. Turns out its an Xforce generic one which seems good to me. CT20M - 1463 was the number on the sticker if anyone is interested.
  3. I wouldnt be deleting as such just replacing with a very generic resonator which should (hopefully) cut some of the tinny noise out of it? Im tempted to do it anyways but keep the mid section just in case I want to go back to how it was.
  4. Yeah Im not 100% sure they know its a Y-join so I suspect that will be subject to change but you never know! Thanks for the info tonight, really appreciated
  5. Yeah we are haha my jobbie so far would be, cat where two banks join at Y section (remove cat replace with piping) ---> mid section with resonator/mid muffler (remove muff/reso replace with redline generic reso) ----> Y section ---> mufflers (where y join bolts onto rear mufflers potentially do hogzaust mod).
  6. Pitstop quoted me $80 for removal and replace with pipe which seemed reasonable to me. Thats so weird I keep reading about how it does nothing and needs to go but I will trust you on that one. I have also read that the stock mufflers arent bad as far as flow is concerned, if I needed to open them up a little I would probably do a hogzaust mod (washers inbetween join) to let some of the sound out.
  7. Haha oh dear well you're probably the right person to be talking to then! Righteo so the 3rd cat delete still stays, https://www.redlineperformance.co.nz/product/resonator-universal-round-25-mild/ Thats the reso I bought based on another persons suggestion on a similar forum. Its not lowered at all just standard spec b sedan height. Would you say that the reso would cut out any of the tinniness? Im wondering if center muffler cuts more tinny or this new reso.
  8. Interesting. Does the resonator come before or after the center muffler or are they one in the same? Seen a few people refer to them with mixed results. What was your final solution to your exhaust?
  9. Righteo, well I guess thats the difference between paying $60 and $200+ I suppose. Thanks for the info though really appreciate it. Probably still going to cut out the mid muffler and replace with reso at this stage. If it sounds like sh** then Ill just live with it and make a plan going forward.
  10. So thats to say a generic Redline reso would negatively affect power? Also should put it out there that its 6sp manual which according to some forums can affect exhaust note/tone.
  11. Im based down south in dirty Dunedin so probably a whole island away
  12. Yeah, the guy at pitstop was saying dont mess around with anything on these cars before you do the rear mufflers. Always hard to tell with those lads whats genuine advice and whats an up-sell.
  13. Hmmm damn. I will still be getting the 3rd cat done, I just kinda wanted to knock it out all in one go to save on $ and time. Im in two minds, part of me wants to heed this as a warning and leave it alone, but im also curious as to if replacing it with a resonator will help the tinny sound. Decisions decisions!
  14. Issue in what way? Im not opposed to there being an increase in volume, but are you more talking about droning and tinny sounds?
  15. Interesting. Do you think adding in a basic 2.5" resonator in place of the center muffler would help?
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