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  1. How's everyone's subarus in the waikato going?
  2. all goods - if i do organise it tauranga could be on the cards - its just do i involve wmcc as well or clubsub only lolz
  3. Always been part of the Waikato but been spending too much time on work, family and WMCC and now QRAF but I’m keen to get back into organising cruises no boy racing as that’s not what I’m about. But cruising to a number of spots park up chat get photos drive to another spot? I’ve been thinking about doing it with WMCC but thought I’d say here as my car is a little way off being ready for this as it is.
  4. we also now have the WMCC https://www.facebook.com/groups/1400217360282181/?fref=nf#!/groups/waikatomodified/
  5. QRAF

    Rocker covers

    no smoke just a little black under boost thats why the rocker cover was changed 3 times and the actual cover change the third time. half moons have been done.
  6. QRAF

    Rocker covers

    yeah i should of taken i photo it was coming out the gasket
  7. QRAF

    Rocker covers

    something in the head
  8. QRAF

    Rocker covers

    aye ? when you take off the exhaust you can see oil in cylinder one dripping down?
  9. QRAF

    Rocker covers

    so it turns out its the valve seal what should i do?
  10. QRAF

    Rocker covers

    looks to be coming from the half moons - after getting another garage to look at it
  11. I've got issues with my drivers side rocker cover its been changed three times now and its still leaking the last time they changed the whole cover as he said it could be warped or cracked its all genuine now and has been siliconed all the way around and left to dry over night and some of the next day and its still leaking. Any ideas on what there doing wrong?
  12. going to have a meet with a couple of like minded friends at the base north beach carpark today at 12 up the end away from everyone as we will be louder than everyone else short notice but just thought id put it up anyway
  13. I've been a bit slack on the clubsub forum lately as i've had my car in the shop and i've been going to sound meets in auckland tuning my car for the nationals next year. But i've been trying to organise an event here in hamilton just seeing if there would be any interest from the forums as there are a few subarus at the meets
  14. I sure did thats why i went for the cheaper option for the rocker cover gaskets as my excess was $1500 as its a highly stolen car and i've had a crash before in my mrs car I've been trying to save for a 240amp for the last 2months now
  15. nah i thought i'd gotten a deal when i had someone put my equal length extractors an they had to replace the downpipe in the process as the heat sheild was rattling with one that didn't have any which i is causing all the issues now - he's just fixing their mistakes. I was trying to do things on the cheap and paid the price for it now i thought $200 for the gaskets changed was a good deal as it cost $106 for the kit itself he said i should of gone genuine but i wanted to save a 100 dollars not saving it now tho I'm the muppet
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