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  1. Can you let me know when a day would suit? And I'll make sure I'm free and can make it. Cheers
  2. That would be awesome if you could. Where abouts are you, when would you be able to do this. Tired of the cel on. Im going to do it the lazy way as I don't have much time these days and leave most of the stuff in there just going to but a blank in between the valves and pipework. Both jdm.
  3. In rotorua but travel round the bay quiet a lot so having to go somewhere not an issue. I'll have a look for yours tonight im good with doing the blank plates etc just nervous bout flashing the ecu. The cruise control limit seems quite common as my wife's old v11 sti had the same thing couldn't set higher than 108km. Maybe I'm unlucky?
  4. Hi guys. New here. I recently bought an 07 legacy bp5. I've done a quick search on these forums for the common dreaded secondary air pump valve failures. I have also searched online for all the info I can stuff into my brain. Im wanting to go down the delete route and remove the cel fault codes relating to this common fault from the ecu. I am wondering if there is anybody in the Bop area that is able to remove these codes from the ecu and reflash it for me? also while doing this can the upper cruise control speed limit be removed/changed?? with new highways expected to be changing to 110kms this year and the cruise control max 108km this is going to get annoying.
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