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  1. I'll chuck some pics up tomorrow when I get back from work, it's factory spec to my knowledge, I'll contact the dealership to verify as I am the first NZ owner. Thanks for all the help!
  2. Very helpful, puts my mind at ease. Thank you!
  3. Hiya all, very noob question as I just picked up my first turbo vehicle. On my old NA Impreza I used to cruise in 4TH at 50 and hover on 2000rpm. My new one is an 07 Impreza (WRX?) S-GT hatchback. Whats the best way to drive it should I keep it above 2000? I know not to lug the engine, don't boost when it's cold etc. Don't even have an owner's manual which is great. If I am boosting is it better to hit 4000-6000rpm before shifting etc? Sorry for the stupid questions, Cheers.
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