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  1. Got her scanned. Apparently a stuck IAC valve. Will replace that this weekend then hopefully all sorted.
  2. Well before. Was running on a trip out of town. A couple km from home it starting having this problem. Can't find any problems with any vac hoses.
  3. BOV only mod engine related. Car had engine replacement. Ran good for a couple of weeks then this
  4. So I recently had an issue I thought was fuel related. Done pump, filter and regulator and got pressure about where it should be. It now appears to be boost related.. I get to about 0.8bar (or pretty much where VOD would take effect) and it cuts itself back to .5, jumps to 0.8 and back to. 5 and so on. I'm truly stuck with ideas now and not sure who in New Plymouth i could take it to. Any help greatly appreciated.
  5. I have another regulator I'm going to try that today
  6. So i have a 2000 bh. Struggles for fuel under load. Flow rate around 1 litre for 30 seconds. This is fuel pressure at idle. [/url] free unlimited photo hosting Have replaced fuel pump and filter today and chucked some injector cleaner in. Any suggestions on where to go from here?
  7. Never been on track before but would love to. What are the requirements in the way of car specs and licensing? What about helmets fire extinguisher etc.
  8. Looking for a good reliable specialist in New Plymouth to help me with mods going forward. Someone who knows his way around twin turbo system, solanoids, pills etc. Thanks in advance.
  9. Any updates on this. Really keen to meet some fellow Subaru heads and become a part of.
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