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  1. Hey Guys, Looks like covid killed any chance of buying lips ex Asia as per below response from supplier Hi Kenian, Good to hear from you again. We are sorry that we stop shipping goods to international from our US warehouse since the Covid-19 makes lots of international air packages return. The other way to get the parts from us is making LCL shipment from Taiwan directly. The minimum order amount is $3000 per shipment. MOQ 5 pcs per model. If there is any question, please let me know freely. Thank you.
  2. Hey Guys - better late than never on the reply. Im happy to look at how much these cost out of my supplier in Asia in a group buy scenario. The last one i did as a singular was about $350 landed as the freight for a 1 off sorta killed it a bit but im happy to look at what it costs. I will fire a mail off today and see what comes back. Will update you guys as soon as. Cheers Kenian
  3. Hi Guys, I am looking to swap my Tein Flex Z coilovers and Hardrace camber arms (approved for LLV cert) for complete standard bilstein struts and springs. Reason is i never certed them and now am selling the car minus the wheels so am just going to return car back to stock and get it a wof and sell it. The coilovers are $2100 new and the camber arms are $330 - all details per below links. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/performance/suspension-braces/listing-2205624296.htm?rsqid=6fb72f57ac3f4cfe8e1a70a1a524ef99-002 https://www.redlineperformance.co.nz/product/hardrace-subaru-legacy-1998-08-rear-camber-arms/ I am looking for $750 cash and your standard struts (i do not require your standard camber arms as i still have those) - Must be the bilstein shock absorber type. Goods are in pretty good condition and are still in car and can be veiwed in east auckland (pakuranga). Car is a legacy wagon 2006 BP5 so would obviously have to be the same shape and compatible year. Please contact me on 021 131 0363 if interested. Cheers Kenian
  4. Hi Guys, I have setup an option to potentially do a group buy for lips or other Polyurethane or Carbon Fibre Aero parts. Please see below. Cheers Guys and hopefully this can help solve the shortage of decent Subaru Aero options in NZ
  5. Hi Guys, So in a mission to find a STI style front lip for my 06 legacy wagon i ended up being forced to buy 5 (Minimum order qty) - the surplus 4 sold in 30 hours so i have decided to to a group buy as i have found a very good supplier who has well priced stuff for every car under the sun. The problem is there seems to be a lot of USDM specific parts around that wont fit us here in NZ but i have spend a lot of time and found some good NZ options. My Plan if anyone is keen is as below :- PM, email me ([email protected]) or text me (021 1310363) a picture and details of your car or another car off trademe with your EXACT same bumper . I will send you the options for your car some will have 1 Poly urethane option some will have up to 3 PU and 1-2 Carbon Fibre options. You let me know which one you like. I will get pricing from supplier cost up the freight,Duty and GST and quote you a fair price. If we agree on a part you like and a fair price i will setup a trademe auction for $50 buy now so you have peace of mind that im not just going to keep you $50 and not deliver. I will use the $50 as a deposit and i will pay up front for all the parts with my own money.Ill then do all importing donkey work, shipping, customs clearance, duty and gst payment etc. We will have to wait 25-32 days for goods to get into NZ and get through customs. When all parts arrive here i will send pictures of your specific goods and myself to prove parts are physically here and are undamaged (if any goods are not supplied right or broken/damaged i will refund $50 deposit and take up the issue with supplier myself) Once balance of payment is received i will dispatch goods accordingly or you are welcome to come to my home (east auckland) and collect. I am prepared to take all the financial risk and will not be looking to make a huge profit here - enough to cover the cost and a small margin for my time and finance - any goods that are not good quality or turn up damaged i will take that exposure and return your $50/deposit. Please feel free to find picture of lips or parts you like and i will try an find them at a reasonable price - my day to day job is procurement and logistics so hunting Asia and Europe for clients is an 8-9 hour a day thing for me so please send through a pic of what you would ideally like. Hope we can get some stuff in at good prices and get some Clubsub members cars looking dope!! Cheers Kenian
  6. 2 are gone - that was fast. Fresh new auction up https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1617575404 Free shipping within NZ and will do for $10 cheaper outside of trademe Cheers
  7. Hi Mate you are correct - My profile picture is my old 07GT i used to tow my boat and kart - new one is a 06 GT with a Spec B bumper and this lip
  8. Hi Guys, In the process of trying to find a good quality STI Style front lip (not glass) for my 07 legacy wagon i was forced to buy 5 due to Minimum order Qty. Got 3 left and will sell to SUBCLUB members for $260 outside of trademe. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1616984727 0211310363 Cheers Guys
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