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  1. That’d be awesome, when are you available?
  2. Hi guys!! soooo I was wondering, would anyone be kind enough to spend some time one evening and go for a drive with me in their legacy ? I’ve test driven both the gt and the 3.0, but would be keen to talk to someone bout their car, what it’s like, what they’ve done to their car etc, just have a chill time. I promise I’m not a car theif or murderer totally up to you guys, it’s just be pretty sweet to meet up with you guys and go for a drive. cheers, Ben
  3. Cheers guys, two perfect replies, yeah so it’s an auto and I doubt it will be tiptronjx so it’ll just choose the gear haha i won’t be redlining it or launching it, not sure what you mean by flat shifting but i guess that doesn’t apply to an auto..? so long as it’s serviced and warmed up well before use, driving like I stole it is the best way to describe it cheers guys
  4. Hey guys, soo this might seem like a dumb question but what does it actually mean to “thrash” your cars engine? I’m about to buy a legacy 2.0gt wagon, but don’t want to screw the turbo or engine for that matter by hammering it too hard, but I don’t know what everyone means by “don’t thrash your engine” eg i I live in Auckland and will be in traffic a lot, would thrashing it be completely flooring it (it’s an auto) from 0 to 50 then letting off, and doing that quite often? And when on the motorway I love to do “pulls” do slowing to 80kmh then flooring it to around 120kmh.. would this fark my engine? I actually do that already in my 1.5ltr Nissan wingroad what could I be damaging ?? Why is it bad to do that? the more details the better!!! thanks guys!
  5. Honestly bc I know I’ll be in traffic a lot and I feel like a manual would just get exhausting also I’d then have to learn how to and spend time driving stick which would be just one more thing I had to do
  6. Ah right, should be able to get it tuned then. I actually live in Auckland, the guys in New Plymouth are just giving me a hand over email. I won't be driving it to and from work very often as it is just a 25 min trip in stop start traffic - Ill just have some fun in the evenings and weekends etc. Thanks for all that guys, I think because I'm just about set on getting the 3.0r Auto, I don't think I'll be doing much past the exhaust and intake, ad maybe a tune. (Plus aesthetics of course )
  7. Did I read their website right - $299 AUD??? Sounds like an amazing option I wont be towing much, if ever. Thinking about it now though, insurance for me is quoted at $2200 per year and an excess of $1400, as I'm under 21 I really reckon the 3.0 would be right for me Cheers for that I should hav mentioned I'm looking at an auto - I've seen everyone cautioning against tuning an auto...
  8. S*** yeah my bad, 260hp stock.
  9. Hey guys! So I'll get straight to it - I am importing a Legacy Wagon from Japan in a month or so and am deciding between a 2.0GT and a 3.0r. I am leaning towards the 3.0r because of the far cheaper insurance, and I am weary of getting a turbocharged car because I want the car to last well over 6 years with as few issues as possible. I have been speaking to an awesome guy from NZ Performance in New Plymouth, but also wanted do get some insight from you guys. I want to get a bit more power out of a 3.0r - it won't be a daily driver for me so want something nice and fun with more power than stock (might one day take it to a show but thats far down the track). Given that I don't want to spend $10-15k putting a turbo/supercharger in it, so what other mods could I do to get it some more power? I see it is around 260kw at the crank, I'd love to get over 350kw but I have a feeling this is unrealistic without a turbo or some major modding. Do you lot have any ideas on what I should be aiming for, and what I can do to go about it? Please be as detailed as you can about parts required and possible costs, as well as any advice you have from experience! I will be doing a ton of my own research from what you guys give me before I buy the car. Cheers in advance!