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  1. Hey guys, wanting to get some brighter lights or a extra lights for night driving. Anything not too expensive and and too hard to install. Have a subaru legacy 2005. Cheers
  2. Hey guys, In my 05 b spec six speed legacy i get a binding noise and feel when the car is well warm and is turning. You cannot hear it when going fast but in car parks its supper noticeable. The strange thing is it only occurs when the car has been driving for 30+ mins before that you cant hear or feel anything. Its like knocking noise sort of like its imitating and LSD. When driving on gravel the back wheels will skip a little. anyone know what the problem might be and if so a rough cost of repair? im just unsure why it only makes the noise when the cars warm quite loudly but its noticable at all when cold or barely been driven. Cheers
  3. I do yeah and some sort of lowered springs. Unsure what they are, they are unmarked and coloured black.
  4. Hey guys, Been thinking of getting a set of adjustable suspension and was wondering what you guys have used and/or what you recommend. Not looking for anything totally sporty, id like some comfort as well. Cheers
  5. A family friend whos a mechanic is working on one of these cars and theres some test he wants to do with his multi meter to test the pin for the battery recharge or something like that. Im not fully sure what it is but something along those lines. Anything to do with the ECU would help. If you think its fairly similar to the H6 ECU thatd be a lot of help.
  6. Hey guys. I need some helping locating a diagram of the ECU pins for each function and Colour for a Subaru legacy 2005 b-spec 6 speed H6 ( ez30 ) Any help would be awesome! Cheers
  7. Hey guys, Im going to change the Oil in my Subaru legacy B-spec Manual and the manuals recommend 75w-90. All i can find in my local shops are 75w-90 semi-synthetic or 80w-90 full-synthetic. New Zealand obviously doesn't have a hot average temperature so im guessing this wouldnt help the car as well as the manuals recommending 75w-90. What are your guys opinions?
  8. Hey guys, im planning on changing my Transmission oil and rear diff oil and was wondering what Brand and/or viscosity suits this. Are they the same for both transmission and rear diff? Also is there much risk taking a semi-synthetic option over fully full-synthetic? I do drive my car hard for time to time. Would prefer viscosity related to New Zealand weather also. Cheers
  9. Luckily someone handed in my key into the police station!! Thanks for the help
  10. Yeah the key starts the car fine and locks it manually. Thanks for the help
  11. I have insurance But not sure if they cover lost keys I have a spare key but doesnt wireless lock. Not sure if its because it needs a battery or something. Cheers
  12. Hey guys, I have lost my Subaru Legacy 2005 keys. Just wondering what the cost would be to get an OEM replacement from the dealers or any other safe places?? Must be in New Zealand. Cheers
  13. Heys guys, I've been thinking of upgrading my Legacy brakes as they are not as sharp as i would like them to be for the weight of my car ( wagon ) Just wondering whats available for upgrades from these that will be better than stock, Not too pricey and not too difficult to install myself. Cheers
  14. Any sites you recommend to buy one of these cables from? and would ship to NZ
  15. Ah right thank you! No, i have a 2005 Legacy. Im just mainly wanting to get some pops when decelerating but i want to be able to choose when i want this tune to be on ect. Instead of always popping and wasting un-burnt fuel. So im also guessing in need an adapter or something to plug into the ECU? I really appreciate you help