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  1. Nah it doesn’t go flat, it’s more like it’s overcharging and surging. Heres a vid of what’s happening I took tonight
  2. Yeah you might be right there, since the voltage did dip before the power cut out. Is the alternator regulator a replaceable part I can get from somewhere? Also came across this, could this work around stop the alternator fluctuating? https://strongforsubaru.com/subaru-alternator-fault-fix/
  3. All the Earth points look good, so I hooked up my OBD2 scanner and the voltage was fluctuating, then when I whacked the headlights on the whole thing cut out, except for the scanner and light for the alarm flashing, along with a loud clicking under the dash. So I’m guessing it’s the alarm that’s causing the issue. Anyone have experience with AVS alarms and Subaru’s?
  4. Yes the power includes the engine. Nah no issues when its stationary. Didn't start straight after, would have been more than a month later. Nothing other than a headunit. Yes I do have a multimeter. What do you suggest I check? Yes I'll check and clean all the earth straps tomorrow and see if it helps, thanks for the advice!
  5. Hi all, first time poster, long time lurker. So I have this '02 Blitzen wagon that I've already spent waay too much money on, so this is the latest drama. When driving the radio will cut out randomly (turn off and straight back on), this can happen a few times before the headlights/interior lights etc all start to flicker a bit, followed by the whole cars power going out for between 1 to 3 seconds, before all comes back on and she continues on no prob, until the process starts again. I've already spent too much at the auto electricians replacing the ignition switch and generally waste of time fault finding. I'm thinking it's either the radio feeding back and overloading the system, or the relatively recently installed AVS alarm/immobiliser is cutting in randomly. Anyone had a similar issue that they got to the bottom of?? Any insight is much appreciated!
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