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  1. yeah would you recommend just buying them if I'm gonna change the springs a couple times cause I might need them in the future?
  2. So I'm going to try and put back my stock springs as my car is rubbing too much, my knowledge on how to do so is watching the blobeye install video and the mighty car mods video on how to install lowering springs, the only dangerous thing I could see was that I should probably use spring compressors so I don't have a piece of metal shoot through my spine, is there anything else I should watch out for? And should I definitely use spring compressors or can I try and get away without them? Cheers.
  3. Yeah when I first got it, it didn't rub near as much. And on the drive home after picking it up it didn't rub but the next time we took it out it did run? Just unlucky timing I guess
  4. @RaKid, don't know how much you got to drive it but the bov goes off in really low rpms, is it mean't to do this, like can hear it go off from 2k rpm? Also there is a bad rubbing problem, do you think getting new coils is the way to go or stiffer springs or is there another option?
  5. was the installation hard on your wrx? also was the tunning difficult, after watching a video it looks fairly mediocre to hard.
  6. could the plain wrx engine handle the sti upgrades though? like more pressure from turbo ill also go have a look at the ecu when i can
  7. anyone know where I could get halo headlights that arent 1000 plus
  8. Any ideas for what sort of bolt on oem upgrades there are that will increase power but still keep it reliable
  9. not really sure about plans for it right now, because its so clean im kinda wondering if i should keep it kinda stock, but also its such a clean canvas if i were to go modding it i will likely keep it to clean mods with genuine parts etc, just try keep it looking good and not beaten up
  10. oh sweet as yeah its real tidy I also looked around for the model code and all i have been able to find is people saying on other forums saying that its a uk version or something like that, that gc8gkg8, k is meant to be the number of doors, very wierd.
  11. wait so are you the seller or the guy that owned it for 8 years haha because i picked it up like 3 days ago
  12. sweer as, thankss for the help!
  13. Just got my first car, 1999 wrx v5 and I was trying to find basic factory information on it but could only find stuff on about the sti's anyone know any good sites to look up basic information and stats on it? thanks.
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