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  1. Hi everyone, I’m after recommendations for where to get a BP5 daily driver dyno tuned. I've had a good read of this post, but most of the posts are a few years old and I know tuners move/retire, so I’m asking what the situation is in May 2018. I’m based in Auckland but happy to drive in the upper North Island for the best tune. Car is a 2006 JDM Legacy GT (BP5) manual 70,000km, fujitsubo cat-back exhaust (fitted in Japan), with downpipe to be fitted soon. I’m after a fast daily driver with useable power (and any economy benefits if possible, particularly driving on ‘I’ mode). I’m not interested in racing or track days. I’m after a professional dyno tune from a reputable tuner rather than DIY. Dyno tune will be the limit of the performance modification, I have no desire to start changing internals or turbos. (1) Recommendations for tuners? From reading these forums Dtech in Tauranga, or PBMS sound like the best to go for - is this still the case? (2) What about the GrimmSpeed 3-port EBCS to complement the tune? Seems like a good idea for a few hundy and easy install. (3) Any point doing intake? From what I’ve read, sounds like the answer is no for the level of modification I’m going for, but feel free to change my mind. (4) Any other quick, cheap (i.e. few hundy, like the EBCS) performance mods you’d recommend prior to a dyno tune, and why? Cheers
  2. Hey everyone, new member but Subaru fan since the 90s. Recently got myself a beauty of an '06 BP5 GT (manual, of course). Previous Japanese owner had very kindly installed a cat-back Fujitsubo exhaust which sounds great but is still fairly quiet. I'm after recommendations for downpipes, particularly how the Subtech one would go with this exhaust (performance & sound). Main goal is to free up a few kW without being too loud. This is a daily driver and a (fast) family wagon, so the sound after adding a downpipe has to be quiet enough to not annoy the wife or sleeping baby at lower engine loads (and if I had to choose, I'd choose drone over rasp for exhaust note). After this, a tune will be the extent of the performance modification. I'm interested in the Subtech one, as this is the garage I'll likely be going to for regular servicing (and ECU tuning, eventually). Auckland-based. Any advice? Cheers
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