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  1. @lachlan I'll take you up on the intercooler, VF23 and ECU(s) depending on price. @ginganinja is selling a HKS hi-power catback and I can vouch for these exhausts. Really, really nice. You may have trouble finding a downpipe as most of the ones available suit a GD chassiss. (They are single scroll and mount to the gear box, but they are slightly longer in overall length and make it a pain to fit to a GC catback). NZKW do the black silicon intakes. Don't know about the turbos - I sourced a brand new VF for $1,000. If you have the money, you should be able to pick up a VF between 1-2k or an aftermarket one that will fit the factory location in the same price range.
  2. @Serchn I sourced mine from RHD Japan. I got nailed with freight and import duty, but it was still about half the price compared to Subaru NZ and a fraction of the wait time as it was air freighted compared to sea freighted. I purchased genuine STI kit
  3. Sounds like a mechanical issue. Is the accelerator cable free of everything and in exactly the right place?
  4. Genuine timing kits and engine seals are usually only marginally more expensive than aftermarket. I'd recommend pricing up both. There's a TradeMe user called ejparts that has sourced me genuine parts for less than the dealer prices.
  5. Nice. Well done. I've gone to court for WAY less - it's the principal not the money I care about more.
  6. My friend has a shop in Glenfield and he's usually pretty competitive if you want to check him out. VIP Wheel & Tyre
  7. I ordered gc8 braided line set when putting brembos in my gc8 and they worked perfectly fine.
  8. None that I've heard of and I wouldn't really recommend it anyway but I'm not a mechanic. It will chew through a little more fuel than normal.
  9. I use an Endless 0 degree pad so I can run it on the street and track. I also use an Endless brake fluid. https://www.prosportauto.co.nz/ is where I get my stuff from. I think the combination works really well for my use case.
  10. Nah but that's irrelevant (to me at least). An email with the tribunal ruling is all you really need to do. Then supply your bank account number and watch the money trickle in (simplified summary :D)
  11. Once I get court rulings I just send all my s***e to a debt collector and let them deal with it. The firm I use only charges me if they collect so I don't have to worry about it.
  12. I'm interested in one of these RCM3039
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