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  1. Hey guys! I was wondering if you guys have any experience with the following seats: 1) Bride Zeta IV vs Recaro RS-G Any thoughts about: Fit: Which is tighter? Padding: Which has softer cushioning? Quality: Durability of materials, Fit/Finish Bride vs Recaro in general https://www.rhdjapan.com/bride-zeta-iv-low-max-full-bucket-seat-black-frp-shell.html https://www.rhdjapan.com/recaro-full-bucket-seat-rs-g-gk-kamui-x-glass-mesh-non-fia-black-x-black.html () 2) Where to try? Is anybody in the Auckland region willing to let me try their fixed-back Bride/Recaro in their car? Or know of a shop where I can try bucket seats in real life? 3) Other thoughts? Any other thoughts about fixed-backs in a GC8? E.g. Compared to reclining Recaro SR3s or stock STI seats e.g. Thanks! Reuben
  2. Ah right I see - There's a few times where I see GC8s listed on compatibility lists, but doesn't specifically mention WRX for the '90s years. I.e. Only LX, Brighton, Outback trims etc, does that also apply for WRX? Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, I'm looking to replace some shifter bushings in my V3 WRX STI, and am ideally looking for a solid unit like these: https://www.rallysportdirect.com/part/ts-su-474-torque-solution-solid-shifter-linkage-u-joint https://throtl.com/products/tqs-shifter-bushings-tqsts-su-474 However I can only see these for models >2004 or so, none for GC8s. Do any of you guys have an upgraded Shifter U-Joint ? Thanks! Reuben
  4. Thanks for the response Loren! I'm trying to figure out some gearbox rebuilders in Auckland, and who has some positive experiences. Right now I've been directed towards Gearbox Factory, but would like to compare some pricing. Would you have an idea how much restoring synchros might set me back? Presumably still a much cheaper job that buying/installing a 6-speed box or similar...
  5. Hey guys! I'm really new here, but have question about gearbox rebuilds. Car: 1997 V3 WRX STI Type RA 1) Rebuilders: Who in Auckland rebuilds gearboxes for a reasonable price? I.e. All synchros for a V3 Type RA gearbox. Crunching upon gearshift unless I time the shifts immaculately. 2) Clutch sticks to floor at high rpm: At high rpm shifts my clutch pedal sticks to the ground, and I need to pop it back up with my foot... Aside from this, the clutch works fine (not heavy, chattery, not very noisy etc). It's a street Exedy, but had this problem even with the old clutch. Does this seem like it'd be throwing bearing/selector fork issue? Thanks for your help!
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