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  1. I'm really not sure no but the wrong fluid is the wrong fluid. Is say if you noticed it and changed it straight away, and didn't have any filings you'll probably be OK.
  2. Awesome thanks. Anyone got any recommendations on who to go to to purchase one? Like a recommended breakers or something? Are they tealtively straightforward to swap? And can I take the newly reflashed tcu off my current box to use on a replacement? Thanks
  3. Yeah agreed. I'm going to get in touch with my mechanic and see what he says. Ironically the fluid change and the pak file have removed the 1st and 2nd gear slip and the hard change up to/down from 3rd, and replaced that with a slip!
  4. Hey Can someone tell me what the identifying code is for the 5 speed automatic transmission for a 08 LGT with tiptronic? I need to arrange the purchase of a replacement! Cheers
  5. Ok so took the car to South Canterbury Toyota for the recall work to be done and had them check the transmission. They confirmed with my regular mechanic what fluid he used and were able to confirm that it was the wrong fluid. They took the bottom plate off and showed me the insane amount of metal filings inside and on the magnet. He replaced the fluid and flashed the TCU using the pak file from Subaru and it's still doing it, he says its slipping mostly in 1-3rd gear when under a fair amount off accel. He recommended driving it easy as he said that often the glazing
  6. It's a 2008. Well I check the fluids regularly and not long after buying I noticed that the fluid was dark and starting to smell burnt so my mechanic agreed that it needed changed. He had driven it and thought it was behaving like it needed changed too. He wasn't able to change the filter though so that's still to happen. But after the change it started to behave worse. If it's a slipping clutch, surely that would mean that the car would then start to slow down and over rev, like on a manual? I have the opposite, it revs up and I can feel the extra power. It's like turning off the
  7. No I get more revs. If you were to drive the car having never driven it, you would likely think it had down shifted.
  8. I did wonder about the fluid, but I suppose to find out I will need to change the fluid. Is it Dextron 3 for these cars? I don't get any warning lights no, otherwise everything seems ok. There is a strange noise coming from the car, which I cant isolate. It appears to only be there when I am in drive and accelerating, it sounds a bit like a dry drive belt bearing or something. It reduces as I decelerate. So perhaps these are actually linked?
  9. Well, yes and no. So, if going up hill for instance in 5th gear, the revs start to drop off (as they should) then suddently I get about 500 more rpm. It's instantaneous, its like someone flicks a switch. I get a little more power then eventually the car will either gear down or settle back.
  10. Hello, I have an issue, as such, with my 5sp AT. I had the fluid changed in March and since then I have this weird thing happening, mostly between 4 and 5 and past 5 where the car seems tof ind an extra 500rpm. The weird thing is, I get more power from it, when it happens (mostly going uphill) I start going faster. My understanding of slipping is that you get more rpm but no increase in power (like a clutch in a manual that's buggered). So I am not sure what this could be. It was only after the fluid was changed that I noticed it (the fluid wasnt flushed).
  11. Hello, I thought i would ask here before I take my car to the dealer in Timaru. I have been having issues with my 5spd AT, its out an 08 Legacy GT, 2.0, SI drive etc etc. Car has done more than 200k kms. So I noticed hard shifting up and down between 2 and 3 and hesitation in shifting from certain gears at certain times. Also seemed like changing from 2nd to 3rd resulted in far too few revs if you know what I mean, like the ratio was different from the rest. I took it to my mechanic who changed the fluid, but wasnt able to change the filter as
  12. Hello, I have been having a bit of trouble with my AT in that it selects gears at weird times, hard shifts between 2nd and 3rd amongst other problems, and I found on this forum that Subaru released a Pak file to fix some of these issues and force the box to relearn shifts. I also saw that this must be done by a main dealer and a few people had success with getting it done in Chch. I live 4hrs away from Chch but there is a dealer in Timaru. I called them about it but they said 'it would only be available if it was on our computer', but the post said that they need to specifically r
  13. Oft my thread did get a tad hijacked there! Basically I want to know what my turbo is, if it's twinscroll etc. If mine has the bilstein shocks, factory rated bhp etc. I'm completely new to Subarus so I'm keen to find out. At some point I'm going to make the decision whether or not to ship my car back to the UK so I'm trying to find an equivalent in the UK to see if it's possible to get a similar/better one at home if you get me. I love this car! Cheers.
  14. Hey, I bought a 2008 Legacy a few months ago, and I'd like to know exactly what model I have, ie is it GT, SPEC.B etc etc. How do I find out this info? I know it's a 2.0 turbo obv, fully optioned with SI drive, keyless, paddles etc. It's a wagon so I know it's a BP. Cheers.
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