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  1. Shot guys! I think I sorted it drives like a dream now
  2. Hey bro! Yeah I did. I made sure it was closed upon idle, I adjusted it up from soft but just not sure how hard or soft I should go 😀
  3. Hey guys I have a stock 2005 V9 WRX STi i just installed a turbo smart dual port BOV, i adjusted the BOV to soft and took it for a few runs on boost to sort it out and to make sure it releases properly under boost. However it kinda feels a lot slower? As in the revs feel like they drop more in higher gears than they used to? Not sure where to go, do I need a tune? Just rather ask on here before someone makes me spend extra money for a tune if it’s just a simple fix. Cheers :)
  4. Hey man! Sorry for late response been mad busy with life in general. Got the dyno check at torque performance for $200. Cars pushing 210kw ATW in 4th, 6000RPM on 19.3 PSI. Fuel to air ratio and everything is sweet. Dude said as long as I run 98 she’ll last forever. Only thing is halfway between peak it dips for a second before full boost again. Not sure if it’s anything urgent or not though, I can send you a pic of dyno sheet if you have Facebook, or insta? Cheers bro means heaps
  5. Hey man! Sorry for late response. Nah mines silver, I’m gettint a fam friend to do a dyno check on it to see if it’s running mint. Then I can see where to go from there
  6. Cheers man, that’s so much! I’ll def look into the tune. The cars fully stock and only has 50,000k’s on the clock. I just put the second Set of tyres from the factory that’s how untouched it is 😂 I really want to make it quicker but at the same time I want to keep it fully stock because it’s such a good exemplar of s sti
  7. Ight cheers man, yeah I always run it on 98 and I only go above 3k rpm when it’s at normal operating temp. I play it really safe all the time Alright thanks heaps bro! I’ll def look into a tune. Just want my car to be running as healthy as she can hahaha. Cheers again dude
  8. Hey man, yeah It holds at 19 however when I hold the peak warning it flashes at 22 psi and when I first got the boost gauge the peak warning was 19 so sometime it must’ve gone to 22? I have no idea how. I spoke to last owner and he didn’t get a tune done with the new exhaust so a bit lost now! Hey man. Spoke to the last owner he told me he didn’t get a tune done but the catless downpipes look to be professionally done. A bit lost now as I will probably have to get it tuned to support the high psi? Which = more damage on internals because of higher PSI? Or I’ll have to lower the power and get the exhaust re done to lower the PSI? Either way I think I’ll need a tune.
  9. Hey man. Yeah will do, dude at Subaru said most likely there is a tune done however I have no way of finding out who did it and when. Possum Bourne quoted $1200 for tune and dyno
  10. Hey guys! I’m the second owner of an immaculate Japa Import 05 wrx sti. I bought the car a year ago with 39,000 original K’s on the clock hence why I’m always worrying about it😂. Long story short, I bought this car off of a 75 year old in CHCH he had put a “RAGE” exhaust on the car. Took her to the local Subaru dealership today for a service and the head mechanic told me that I’ve got an aftermarket cattless downpipe hence why my heatshield for my turbo is gone and this is probably the cause for the 22psi peak However in third gear if I WOT between 3.5-4k rpm it shoots upto 19PSI and holds there as if my car is really pushing 19 PSI. The car is now on 55,000k’s I get it serviced every 5,000k’s, check oil and coolant every Friday. And I can literally count the amount of times I’ve boosted first gear, she’s never been launched and I always wait till she’s warm before going over 3k rpm. Is this high boost level anything to worry about? Or should I get it tuned either to support the 19PSI or to lower the PSI to make sure she’s running safe. Just want what’s best for my subie 😊 TIA
  11. Hey Guys! im getting my front bumper re-done as the previous owner lived on a gravel road and the bumper is covered in pimple like rock chips all around the front of the car. I have the original/stock sti foglight covers with the original “STi” stickers on top of the foglight covers. As the condition of the bumper is pretty bad I’m 99% sure that the body worker will have to remove the stickers to repaint it. Does anyone know where I can get genuine or good quality stickers as I know it’s just a sticker but this car is an amazing example of a stock sti with only 2 owners and extremely low k’s. 😀😀
  12. Hey man ill have a little look but I might just go straight to either torque performance or the tuner you recommended. I got the muffler put back on as I failed my wof and it sounds really good for a equal header so luckily that’s one problem Gone. The compression tests cane back really good (as in even) I’m just at work at the moment but when I get home I’ll try post a pic of them.
  13. Hey man! He said you can turn the boost up from behind the glove box? Or something like that. As far as I’m concerned the fuel pump is still OEM but when I did the full service aka compression test, exhaust leak check rady ra they said I’d need to get a new fuel pump eventually however atm it’s still fine. (Bit of a dummy) ahaha
  14. Yeah I’m still going to get a diagnostics on it but as the cars on 43,000 original k’s the previous owner took the cats off after 700 k’s so the cars been running like that since. I’ll still get a diagnostics done tho!!
  15. Before I make any decisions are there any exhausts out there that you guys reckon sound good for a EQUAL HEADER STi? seen the Tomei exhausts but not really sure
  16. yeah thanks guys! Yeah I’ll probs revert to a resonator and muffler just because I’d rather it sound all right then wanna be in equal headers 😂. Once that’s done Ill look into tuners. Are tourque performace out west any good? They would be my local tuners
  17. Ffs I’m an idiot I’ve got so much work to do. 😡 Im used to subies having unequal headers so idk how it slipped out of my mind (rough couple months blah blah) Got a resonator delete today and the previous owner has removed the cat which I didn’t realise until the resonator was gone so now I have a bloody 3 inch straight pipe which just rapes people’s ears. Sounds like a bloody loud honda now! been told if I remove cats I need to get a tune for the secondary 02 sensor however I’m the second owner of this Subaru and there’s no warning lights etc but he’s certain he DIDNT get a tune after removing cats. He also mentioned he turned up the boost to 20-22 psi and when I’m on the motorway in 5th at about 4k rpm and I ease my foot I can feel the boost cutting in and out so would this back up his point of “20-22psi” don’t know where to go from here I’m fully lost with what’s true and what’s not .just want my car to be a reliable and fun car to drive!! What do I do!?!???
  18. Hey all! Thanks tons for the info! Im probably just going to go with a resonator delete as this car is fully stock and I still want to keep the reliability and "stockness" of the car as I still even have the full factory exhaust in my garage I just want to have the iconic subie rumble which HOPEFULLY I can achieve w/out getting tunes done etc. (however ill be making sure whatever I do wont damage the car etc) Awesome feed back from all of you guys im extremely impressed with all the honesty from your comments. So thanks tons!
  19. Hey guys! (new to the forum so sorry if anything is misleading) I currently have a stock 05 WRX STi apart from a Muffler delete. Looking at getting a straight pipe on my STi. Talked to my local Pitstop who told me he is unsure about how the "secondary 02 sensors will cope and that due to this I cannot get my cat removed". Looked online and apparently after a straight pipe you need to get an ECU tune done so that the 02 sensors dont freak out. Can anyone shed some light on what I should do in a step by step for a straight pipe so I dont mess anything up as this car is my pride and joy. Also does anyone know any good ECU tuner's in AUCKLAND as thats where im based! cheers guys and gals!!