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  1. I actually ment the B pillar not the actual door itself it's where mine is and it's a 08 joker was saying the earlier ones are in the engine bay
  2. After some googleing it turns out new subarus the applied codes are on the front passenger door
  3. The cars nz new no vin on other tower it's a Fuji heavy industry's tag so I'm pretty sure its the one your both talking about I'll try to upload a pic if your really interested to see it but the original build sheet indicated it's a spec r
  4. Just a update I think its cause my is not a jdm sti as it has a 2.5 not the 2 but the Id tag doesnt actually have an applied code just a vin
  5. I'm based in chch I'm gonna start with a cheap ali express one If that doesnt work the btssm seems to have pretty good reviews
  6. Thanks am definitely looking for something to work with my android phone.
  7. I have a 08 sti. I'm not looking to tune or anything just want to know what's a good diagnostic tool and where to buy. Just want to be able to read and clear fault codes and that sort of thing
  8. Cheers guys found the factory build sheet in with the original owners manual for the car
  9. Its has one but how will I know it's a spec r?
  10. Hi all just wondering if some one can help me out I've brought a 2008 sti and just wondering how to tell of it's a spec r or not it has the spec r Seats and rims just wondering if theres any other way to tell. Cheers
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