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  1. Thanks so much guys for the info. Looks like I may just get someone else to do it for me, not as simple as I initially thought haha. Would this tune be useful for tuners? Or would they have their own tunes. This one seems pretty good just going off of what the description says
  2. When I open that file on a word document, it comes up with a whole paragraph of codes. I assume that is correct and expected? And after that, how do I upload this tune onto my ECU? Someone mentioned tactrix cable, is that the only thing needed to transfer this tune onto my ecu through my laptop? Thanks
  3. Hello there, sorry in advance if this is a stupid question; how do I install one of these tunes on my manual Rev D 02 RSK? I've only recently bought my car, so learning new things about it. About 2 weeks ago I changed my exhaust to a custom 3" with just a resonator, and a few days later I filled up with Gull fuel and I started hearing some weird faint sounds at about 3,500RPM, could this be pinging? It didn't go away with BP 98 either. Was running fine with Mobil 98, and I have just put some more Mobil in it, dunno if it's gone yet. I'd like to buy tune number three depending on the cost, just wanna know how I'd make it work. The rest of the car is fully stock. Thanks in advance.