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  1. Pin layout - http://ae64.com/Legacy-pinout.htm Ok thanks I will buy the AUX connecter and contact them about the band expander
  2. Hi I have just picked up a 07 BP5 B-Sport Legacy which has a stock kenwood gx-204jh stero/heater. It has the AUX button but no AUX plug in the center console so I was thinking of installing this https://www.wavetech.co.nz/AUX-SUB/ It also can only receive 76-90 fm so I was wanting to install a +12 band expander such as this one https://www.wavetech.co.nz/BXP-12SUB1/ I had a look behind the unit today and the AUX connecter already has stuff in it but I'm pretty sure the first product is compatible with whats already there. However what I think is my antenna connection looks different to the one on the band expander (see photos of my unit). Does anyone know if either of these products will work or is there something else i should buy? Also whats the best way to pickup 12v acc for the band expander? Also can the spare black connection (10x2 ish) be used for anything useful? Thanks in advance antenna connections (I think) Other connectors (Small white connecter will plug in via aux product I think)
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