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  1. I ended up picking up a new set of Bilstein struts from Autolign on the weekend. I am also thinking about replacing the springs at the same time. What spring sets do you guys recommend? Part #s for the shocks I picked up : Front Left : 35-118305 Front Right : 35-118312 Rear Left & Right : 24-118323 Based on what has been said above I will just have to get a guard roll to fix the scraping problem? Cheers.
  2. Thanks for your reply @Andy_Mac Just took these photos in the car park at work. Just took the wagon to see my local mechanic that has done some work on my previous vehicles and he said it is time for some new shocks... Pushing down on the boot we were able to hit the rear tyres! He is going to contact the shock shop and get their advice on a replacement but was talking about Monroe making a good replacement for the legacy wagons? Should I be going that way or get replacement bilsteins? Or get the existing shocks regased? I like performance suspension but also would like a bit more comfort then I have had since picking up this wagon in November. I am coming from a Audi A4 Sport line which handled awesome on the open road but was comfortable around town as well. Cheers, Alain
  3. Hi all, I have a 07 JDM Spec B Auto Legacy and have a couple of questions about the stock suspension. From what I can see it has the Bilstein yellow struts and black springs. I don't think it has been lowered with cut or compressed springs (I am the first NZ owner). It came over from Japan with some hideous chrome (now for sale if anyone is interested) 18" wheels with 214/45r18 dunlop tyres. I recently got some new black 18x8 Advanti Dst Static Satin Black with 225/40r18 bridgey RE003 tyres. Today I had a full car of passengers for the first time since getting the new wheels and the rear tyres were scraping on the guards when cornering and going over the smallest of pot holes. Should the tyres be scraping at stock height on the stock suspension with the new wheels / tyres? If it was lowered then sure but I was surprised that it could scrape with stock suspension and stock height? Could my rear shocks be toast? The suspension is very hard and while I appreciate hard suspension for spirited open road driving it is not pleasant driving around AKL to and from work etc. What are the recommended options for replacing the stock suspension? BC Golds and a cert? Can the stock struts be rebuilt? Are the pink STI springs worth while? I travel down to the mountain a lot and not really interested in getting stuck in the carpark with a lowered car. Cheers, Alain
  4. Are those the mufflers from the S402? Can you post a couple of pics? Will they fit a 07 JDM spec B? Cheers.
  5. Any chance the HKS mufflers are still for sale? Cheers.
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