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  1. Solved, ty. Was a bolt misalignment issue so the connections between the pipes didnt sit flush causing a leak
  2. It does sound like increased vibration of some metallic ticking. Sounds like its coming from the middle between the y pipe and start of the catback. checked the bolts are tight, and nothing feels like its loose or can move.
  3. I just installed an invidia r400 today, but now theres a strange ticking noise, not sure if its me and I didnt notice it befor or an actual new issue. Pretty sure the gaskets were put in their correct locations, i tried to wobble the exhaust and dont see anything or feel anything loose. Any insight would be appreciated. Wobbled each individual exhaust tip, they dont move or make any sound at all. Thanks.
  4. Hey guys, my check engine light intermittently on, randomly on and off. When it does come on, i step on the gas, and cant feel turbo come in, it could either mean my transmission doesnt wana downshift from 4th (its an auto) so it takes 10 years to rev up and gain speed at low km/h until it hit thats 2.5-3k rpm mark, or my turbo straight up feels like its not coming in at all. But usually it just turns on and off fully randomly, when it turns off the car acts like normal as if nothing happened, turbo feeling 100% there. Ive also tried to force it to 1st and 2nd gear when the check engine light is on, nowhere near as responsive nor feels normal at turbo rpm. This has been going on for months now, and nothing bads happened to the car yet, theres no code that tells me anything about an engine issue either, it really realistically feels like the turbo fins get stuck and dont wana work, then suddenly it gets some lubrication again and unsticks itself and spools. No clue whats going on, perhaps someone has some insight or ideas? its a 2001, dont really want to replace turbo, or take out turbo, or check anything by taking anything apart. Other then that the car has no other issues. Im able to live with this issue, it just feels like a 60hp turd when the cel light comes on, then randomly it goes off and suddenly boom back to normal ~260 hp. it only happens when the CEL is on so i assume its most likely and issue. I need some opinions or if anyones ever come across this before? thanks for reading this huge post.
  5. Yea peak was the same, however primary I don’t feel any pull anymore, a noticeable amount less than pre mod. I switched out the hose to one from mani to bov. And the blocked off the t with a bolt to make it more secure. Still same results,
  6. hey will the mod work if i have a boost controller? i did it today and seemed like vod was worse and primary boost was worse, secondary feels about the same.... https://imgur.com/a/ibHvqRS
  7. Did I do it wrong? I feel way less boost on primary and vod is way worse. I removed the piece off the T. Taped it and taped the BOV to manifold hose. What did I do wrong? https://imgur.com/a/ibHvqRS
  8. The boost pressure will be different on both turbos. The secondary boost pressure cannot be controlled directly. It is operated using a differential pressure sensor which allows a calculation based on the primary turbo pressure. The secondary more or less free boosts but the amount of air allowed to pass into the secondary exhaust housing is metered using a separate valve. So it cannot be controlled like a usual waste gate system. The primary turbo's boost setting directly alters the secondary boost pressure and characteristics. this is the reply I got from subtech after they installed my mbc and upped the boost for me
  9. Also what size hose do I need to buy to go from BOV to manifold for the hose 10 mod?
  10. Is the secondary turbo boost controllable? Does hose 10 mod affect the secondary turbo too? I have a boost controller on my primary but a Subaru specialist told me that the se ondary is not controllable via controller and is basically in free boost
  11. So pbms just advised me they don’t have ecutek for the older gen Subaru’s. Tunetechnic doesn’t work on twins, do I have any more options in Auckland or am I screwed?
  12. whats the most amount of boost id wana see? after remap and pre remap?
  13. So with ref to my picture, i detach the hose with the blue outline and block that off, then connect the remaining 2 thats the horizontal part of the T? IMG: (cuz i dont know how to attach it and my link isnt allowed to be attached for some reason). https://imgur.com/a/WzqDXvn
  14. any idea how much more power i'd get out of a remap with pbms?
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