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  1. Spoke with PBMS they said it’s fine to run Gull Force 10. Be interested to see the difference in economy as I can pick up Gull for $2.07 while BP is $2.32 which is quite a significant difference.
  2. Subaru NZ has said there are no issues, however, they also said it should state so in the owners manual and I haven't been able to find anything for or against.
  3. Tha Thanks Boon, as the Sti is no longer an impreza but a WRX Sti does this make it different?
  4. I'm assuming it runs fine my concern is around it breaking down the fuel lines etc, my confusions comes from the link here https://www.aa.co.nz/cars/owning-a-car/fuel-prices-and-types/biofuel-and-environmentally-friendly-cars/ it says impreza sti 1997 onwards, can I assume that as the Sti is now a WRX Sti and not an Impreza this is different?
  5. Hey Team, New to the forum, I have been trying to find reliable info on if it's safe to run Gull Force 10 in my NZ new 2017 Sti. Is someone able to confirm for me if I am fine or if I should be making the journey to BP? Thanks.
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