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  1. Hi Team, I have a 06 Legacy GT Spec B a Jap import and it appears my front park lights are not working. now are the front parks a 2in1 within the indicator or is it a separate bulb. I took out two tiny wedge bulbs a 12v5W that was next to the indicator and im not sure if these are the park lights or not. Thanks guys!
  2. He has accepted 6.5k, just im based in chch and didnt wanna fly up at 300 dollar flights for a dog of a car lol. As i said i havent owned one past 150kms and wondered if this had any particular bad gremlins. I currently have the exact same car with 123,000km but auto, so would love to switch to this. Thanks for all the help Andy!
  3. Hey Andy Thanks for the reply! he said he upgraded the front axle to a larger size hence the suretrack front. Is a full bushing replacement costly on these? and lastly reckon around 6.5 is a alright price here?
  4. Hi Team, in the Market for a Manual Wagon to do some work on and improve. Saw this listing https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/subaru/auction-2586721445.htm wondered what general issues you guys see in it? having almost 300k on the body and a unknown engine swap. It seems he has done a fair bit of work on pumps and pulleys and suspension components so seems fine to me? Just never owned a Subi past 150kms. Any redflags i should be looking out for here?
  5. 2006 has had shocks, cam and water pump replaced recently. wants 7k for it.
  6. Hi Team, as the title says im looking at a new GTB to buy its got 273,000km on the body and he reckons the engine was swapped but owner isnt sure when. its had Cam-belt, water pump, tensioners, spark plugs and all front accessory belts were replaced at 240xxxkm. Just wondering what potential issues i could incur with this. Its a manual 6 speed. I currently have a the same car but auto at 134,000km and wondering if this thing will just crap out on me if its done 200k Thanks Guys!
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