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  1. Thanks for understanding. You are right it does decrease my likeness for the car, but my main thought process is if i sell this and spend a 7-800 more i can get a sedan with the honeycomb JDM grill that i adore. Got a wagon since they were practical and cheaper but found that it can't fit much more stuff than my mazda 6 sedan... Ill get my mechanic to look at it in the next week but will most likely sell it unless it grows on me more. I guess ill leave the tribunal then as i did have a friend who's done a mechanic course come look at it with me so that'll probably cause me problems in the tribunal i imagine now that i think about it. thanks for the help
  2. Back on topic, now im really not sure what to do. Have some people saying i should go to the tribunal and others not. what i want to know is i paid 6500 for this car with 144,000km on it, other than a cracked dash and some scratches the car is in good nick. Even if the cambelt isn't what they say think it was an ok deal? contemplating just selling it on
  3. yeah i'm aware of how much better the Series 2 is over the series one but if i had the money for a series 2 rx8 i would buy an rx7 straight away. Would only get an rx8 because the series 1 is quite cheap. Can't believe there are rotary loves on here hahaha
  4. i actually can't stand the brapping of a rotary i just like the sound as it climbs through the rpm. I'm kinda stupid i actually like the sound of an RX8 more, but i agree rx7's are much better.
  5. Thanks I will give them benefit of the doubt and believe they didn't know. They bought the car as a fresh import from economy cars (have reciept) in 2016, when i talked to economy cars they said that they themselves really only go off the milage on the belt and not its age so they wouldnt have bothered replacing the belt since it only had 4000km on it at the time of sale. So i imagine they were told it was a new belt. However does seem a little too convenient that just as belt needs replacing they decide to sell it. A family friend is a mechanic and does work for us so might get him to have a look at it tomorrow night or something. thanks for the help! i appreciate the input as stressing over what to do hahaha yeah but oh my god i love the sound of them, the handling and the looks, could almost live with their fuel and unreliability. But subies are much better all around. I still dream of a rotary though haha I have heard some horror stories of belts being checked and seeming fine and then snapping. But i will get it checked anyway
  6. I have text messages of them telling me the belt has been done so I do have proof right there. Yeah I was looking at a law that stated its misrepresentation whether deliberate or innocently done. Have you seen something like this before?
  7. Thanks for the help guys Ok ill just leave it then, i was told $900 for a cambelt so bit pissed but oh well. I'm annoyed with myself as i was going to get an RX8 but was always asking for reciepts for rebuilds ect but i didn't think to do it for this.... bugger.
  8. fortunately these people seem loaded, got a huge house with a tennis court out the front...
  9. Hi Guys I just bought a 2006 legacy GT Wagon through a classified listing. for 6500 The seller said to me through text that the cambelt was done 2.5 years ago at around 110,000km by the dealer (economy cars) they purchased the car off. I took their word (stupid i know but they seemed honest), however i found a sticker stating the belt was done in 2011 at 105,000km. Car is now at 144,000km and subarus timing belt change interval recommendation is 105 months.... so needs to be replaced nowish I have tried to either get the car back to them, have them pay for the belt or even offered to sell on their behalf. However they wont budge saying they just told me what the dealer told them and they have done nothing wrong and that i bought the car 'as is where is' i didn't sign anything stating this or even agree to it verbally. they have now said they are 'busy people' and 'stop harassing us' consumer protection NZ pretty much said i would have to take them to court since they are not a business and i wont have many rights and hope the judge rules in my favour. has anyone had a similar experience or have any recommendations as to what i can do?
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