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  1. Top stuff Joker, thanks very much! Not worried about comfort as it will be on the track. But damn semi slick in that size will be $$$. Cheers man.
  2. Morning All, Google is not being very helpful... Can anyone tell me the tyre sizes I can put on standard Legacy BG5C GTB alloys? Am looking for some tyres for autocross that will fit on the GTB rims I have. Cheers!
  3. I thought so too! Will keep an eye on those Manheim salvage auctions more often I think. Pretty lucky though, Suby wreckers must have slept in the morning of the auction lol.
  4. Cheers guys, all top info. Will check the turbo after work. Bonnet is def alloy so looks like that's the only sti bit haha. Is indeed a 5 speed. Either way I'm happy. A complete wrx that seems to run ok for $675. Can't complain
  5. Hey cheers for coming back. Yeah that is pretty much what I'm trying to work out, is it an STI possibly. The engine has intake AVCS, bolts on the intercooler are missing, so are the hose clamps on the small hoses off intercooler at front. but rest of bay is very intact. Possibly intercooler was swapped. Pics below.
  6. Hey All, I just picked up a new project from an insurance auction. It's a 2000 Impreza wagon. Being stolen recovered it has had it's build tag removed unfortunately. Took it for a quick drive last night after getting it going. Runs well so happy with that. Just had a few questions about it. Undecided as yet if i'm going to try and use it as a motor swap for my blown up gtb legacy, or autocross it. Car is badge impreza 20k, would this be an EJ205 car? Any way to tell 205 from 207 visually? Reason I ask is the car came with a mismatched bumper (wrong colour, cut for a front mount) and there is a sticker for timing the car from the factory on underside of bonnet that only lists information for two STI models. Was just wondering if it could be a V7 wagon with the sti bumper pulled off by the idiots who stole it. Cheers guys, any info appreciated.
  7. The idle issue? I cleaned the iacv (idle valve on the throttle body) and my idle is way better. Still does funny stuff occasionally but is so much better and has never stalled out on me again since. I’ve had no more check engine lights so haven’t worried about the stored ones I found.
  8. Hey Guys, Have an issue with my new legacy. Starts up and idles fine, until it warms up. I notice it most when pulling up to lights or after coming off motorway. Idle will drop right down to just about stalling (will cut out on occasion), will then idle real low, like on the brink of cutting out, sounds like a lumpy cam almost. Have no check engine light on, but it has some stored. 12, 21, 23, 32. If the check engine light is not on does that mean the sensors are fine. Or could it be the water temp sensor, the air flow meter or the oxygen sensor from the stored codes? Check engine came on once after a really long uphill thrashing on the way home, then went off so guessing that was the ox sensor one? Car has a BOV fitted and have read this can cause idle issues also. Any nudge in the right direction would be awesome, can troubleshoot and have worked on cars lots. But my first Subaru so any help appreciated to save tail chasing if its something obvious\common issue with these. Car is manual with an EJ20R. Cheers.