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  1. Hi guys just woundering if any nelson members are keen to do a run and posible photo shoot , could be bit of fun and be good to be actively promoting . ive seen alot of subis getting around Nelson lots of good places to do photos cheers
  2. if its fine day 2mmrw im gonna go for cruise see if i can take some decent pics , for some reason i cant resize the ones i have
  3. 67078949_473143406752686_5381598677632548864_n.jpg?_nc_cat=105&_nc_oc=AQlkAOi-5Bj34Y-sG4YnLF1kEWZnIW7utP9bifTTfzqPDIbZtNF35nY9PRKHquSJF-HlnCxvQTQGsSIe4uLNRTYd&_nc_ht=scontent-syd2-1.xx&oh=5558199f8bb7453256ece4995d2da687&oe=5DE27D06

    1. Dan Fish

      Dan Fish

      only real probs ive found with this is you cant see the nose when parking so you get that nervious waiting for a crunch feeling

  4. freind of mine in states messaged me saying its the 206kw 2 litre single turbo factory which is what seller told me but hey never trust a salesman hehe thanks again 4 ya help i subcribed to show my apriciation 4 ya help even landtransport were stumped it took em ages to accept the model heres the kicker on the AA website it came back as a falcon , but my last car was so i think that was a computer entering era must admitt i was getting a bit worried this morn thinking i might have been scamed but hey looks cool goes hard thats all that matters aye \m/
  5. the thing i couldnt find was the single turbo but thanks to you lads that now makes sense none of the catalouges have specs just colours the paperwork is not very readable but ill try and photograph it ( very faded ink its got wet at some stage has runs)
  6. yip thats her ive just been out driving again, ended up paying 7.5k had all recepts for services and original import papers the colour code is obsideon ( im sure ive spelt that wrong) black.
  7. awsome cheers man has it as factory black on original papers was nz new but im happy as with it for a 2litre i was surprised with its power its on par with my last car which was gt xr8 i dont think its gonna be any cheaper to run lmao
  8. its registerd as blitzen top gear do a review of a 2003 model i watched on you tube i was told it was a rare model not many made . its tidy leather heated seats all extra bells n whistles but i couldnt find was a reference to a single turbo so i woundered if it had been changed .i think it was the last model i read something about it being a porsch design but i honestly have only just got in2 subarus i dont know much but am very keen to learn as much as pos thanks for your replys
  9. aTgv7rE9-ZEWhmHk060822H0dA91skVtmme4sUqznhzGShKfQ3yEn34BGSYFxQ5o-DY0A23FgTE7HdLRQwLS7VzXe73oseFR75FN80C7lDUl=s113  Hi guys this my new toy dont know much about subaru but enjoy driving this  from Nelson defenatly keen to pick the brains of those in the know , ive been on this site for 5 hours or so and have learnt heaps already so cheers for the site , 

  10. hi guys ive just bought my first subaru had been a v8 fan for years but decided to try something new , i have a 2005 legacy blitzen single turbo manual its nice car runs well been looked after, i have not been able to find any info on this model i found lots on twin turbo , did this come out with a single turbo or is it aftermarket any info be cool cheers
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