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  1. Thank you for the interest and the response. I have hopefully added the diagram of the front suspension and circled the item that is in question. Yea that's a good point Boon. I have had the car over year now and driven around the North Islands fun roads. While doing so with passengers and there was no startling noises. Although I am kinda curious to install it to see if I can feel if there is any difference to the behavior of the suspension.
  2. Hello All, I have a question well a few questions really but we will start with the one in the title. I have personal disassembly 3 different 2004 Legacy BLE Struts lately. Not one of them has had a helper?, are they even supposed to have one?. I can see the item on the general 2004/05 service manual number 21 but I have not bee successful finding a Japanese version . Or is it different for the Japanese versions?. Any body think of a reason why they would have been taken out?, its not like its a premium part. If one was to put one in would it do more harm than good?. Thank you for any input.
  3. Hello, Nice selection, I was after an manual but the misses can not drive one. Sooooo I ended up with an auto Leg 3.0r BLE sedan. One issue that I have come across that is an hair line fracture, fractures in the air intake chamber. Easy enough to fix but if missed my god does she drink the juice. But this could just be to subjected to higher mileage vehicle 70k upwards. What mileage group are you looking at?.
  4. That sounds pretty sweet!! novice question.....does the noise follow through to the cabin much Niran?. Either way if that was mine I would be straight off to the nearest tunnel for some acoustic enhancing fun.
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