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  1. Hey hey good morning, Some s*** c***s failed at stealing my 04 legacy, smashed quarter window and smashed the ignition, copper wire is everywhere and now won't start with the key. Can I just replace the immobilizer antennae and good to go or does the immobilizer system need more to get it running? Thanks heaps
  2. Morning, Just wondering what's available in the way of speaker replacement for 04 Legacy with McIntosh upgrade? Been around a few shops with no help and can't find much online. 6.5 inch sub, 3 inch speaker and 2 tweeters per door, seems to be pretty difficult to even find a set that fits in. Looking for something a half decent set that will run off the factory amp. Have found online video of how to do everything but only found 2 sets in these sizes of brands I've never heard of. Figured someone here may have some recommendations. Cher