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  1. http://ken-gilbert.com/impreza-manuals https://www.scoobynet.com/general-technical-10/777689-jdm-sti-gdb-ecu-pinouts.html Heres the link to the manuals and the forum post i followed. I double checked all of the OPs instructions before doing it and traced all the wires back to make sure i didnt fry my link lol. All ive gotta do now is configure the ecu to use the factory spec c iat instead of the one that people use when they splice into the maf sensor temps. Then extend the wires from the watersprayer to the boot and check that works with the manual and auto function. Anyways no more time to work on my car, ive got rally cars to prep for the upcoming season, fab work doesnt get done on a keyboard (and not much time to do so might i add)
  2. Figured out the issue, turns out the ecu pinouts are different between the jdm and UK. I just had to depin and swap over 6 wires, took me ages to find the two different service manuals. But its pretty simple to swap the pins over.
  3. It couldnt be some sort of immobiliser could it?
  4. Hey thanks for the advice, yeah its a 2005 blob eye, just before the hawkeye, so it has the little rear arch extenders on the rear and those other sort of bits. Its a weird issue because i swapped the whole loom over from a jdm v8. If i had the pinouts for both connectors i could figure it out.
  5. Hey guys, new to this forum. So long story, i bought a 2005 uk spec v9 with a blown engine a couple of months ago. Me being me i wasnt happy with how it didnt have dccd and all those other cool features so i bought a complete jdm v8 harness and swapped that into the car (no biggie) after fixing issues of swapping over door actuators and all that other stuff i didnt think about. I go to turn the key to check all the accessorys opperate, windows, doors lights ect. Did i mention i bought a 260km dash out of a s204. With out the cluster plugged in the fuel pump primes, with the cluster in the fuel pump wont primes, obviously its a pinout issue with the cluster. But i wanted to know if anyone has the answer before i start diagnosing (painfull for me since im a fabricator not an electrician lol). Also, when you go to unlock the car with the key the drivers door will unlock but the rest of the doors wont, if you press the lock/unlock all doors button on the drivers switch panel all the doors will work as they should. The door key lock has 3 wires coming off it but theirs nothing for them to plug into on the 03 loom. Any ideas?