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  1. Hi thanks for the reply. I couldn't figure it out so I took it to an auto electrician and got my car back couple days ago. Indeed it was was the abs computer and they got it repaired. Thanks everyone for the info Wish I had these comments earlier Yes it was a f*cked ABS computer. Thank you
  2. Hey I'm in Botany, East Auckland. Yes I've checked the fuses.. Most times the AT oil temp flashes and VDC waring display comes on as soon as I start the car but sometimes it's not on when I start the car however it comes on after 2-10min of driving. It started when I was driving to work one day on the motorway.. was driving as usual like any other days cruising at 100km and it suddenly came on.
  3. Hi everyone. My car is getting these codes. Car is a 2006 Subaru Legacy GT Bp5 B0201 - CAN-HS COUNTER ABNORMAL B0202 - CAN-HS BUS OFF B0223 - CAN-HS VDC/ABS NO-RECEIVE DATA U1202 - CAN-HS BUS OFF (fault location: Comm.Line Failure(ECM/VDC/ABS to Uint) or Integ. Unit Failure) U1223 - CAN-HS VDC/ASB no-receive data (fault location: Comm.Line Failure(VDC/ABS to Integ. Unit or VDC/ABS Failure) Can anyone please recommend me any electrician.. Thanks in advance
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