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  1. As far as I know it's a stock motor with a tdO5h, basic "big bore", chip and about 13psi. Looks likely the thermostat seized while someone else was driving it and it's venting to the coolant now. just wanting to put car back to as stock appearance so you wouldn't know. Plan would be have both motors on stands and then just switch over. Ideally I'd use a stock bc5 motor but if I can't find a good one I will just hide a better sti block in there with the bc5 set up running it. Is this a fair plan? More info would be great , really appreciate it. Cheers Tim
  2. Hi guys, I have a cooked ej20g in my 89 RS. I also have a v3 STI motor lying around. Can I strip the EJ20k back to a long block and switch all auxiliaries, sensors, turbo and loom over from the ej20g and throw the motor straight in as a replacement? I suspect the rocker covers need changing to accommodate the coil packs? A link or some instructions would be fantastic online. Appreciated. Tim
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