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  1. I know its not necessary to install one on a legacy but thought I'd do it anyways. Has anyone done this before and if so can someone tell me how to install it as there are no videos for a legacy..
  2. i just switched to eco mode and it held 8psi perfectly so i guess my wastegate is functioning properly. Thanks for all your help
  3. Hi sorry for asking so much questions. So I've checked all the lines and hoses and they're all fitted correctly. My tuner told me to do a gate pressure test before tuning just to make sure my wastegate functions properly. Have you ever done one of these? if so would I need to remove the turbo or can I test it while its in my car
  4. Oh I see thanks so much so end of the day the tune should fix the issue? Just dont think its good that it boosts 14-15psi without a proper tune.
  5. Yea the line goes under the manifold then cant see after that. The first few boost i did with the vf45 it restricted it to 11psi like the tdo4 which is normal boost pressure. It went to about 14-15psi from 3 separate pulls then i just kept my boost low after that. Because the gate actuator isnt adjustable like my tdo4 maybe the actuator just set to a higher boost level from stock? I'm thinking of using the restrictor pill from the tdo4 on the vf tomorrow so maybe it'll fix it. Otherwise if it doesnt fix I can just drive safely till my tune should be fine? And afterwards the 3-port would fix the issue as hes setting a new boost level anyways?
  6. My tuner said hes putting on an electronic boost solenoid linked to the ecu. To be honest no idea where that line goes but im pretty sure it goes to the bov. It was previously connected to my tdo4 and has had no issues. The vf45 came with the hoses in the picture other than that I didnt change a thing on the car only the turbos so i reused all the other hoses and clamps etc
  7. i took that pic before i installed it. A line is connected onto the T nipple. so it seemed ok but should i have maybe clamped it down like the other hoses on the sides? If theyre leaking would that be the cause to my issue?
  8. I didn't clamp or zip tie that T nipple. Would that be a possibility?
  9. so I put in the vf45 turbo and it seems to be free boosting. I cant adjust the gate actuator either since it doesnt allow me to. Before my tdo4 was limiting to 11psi. I'm getting a tune next week so will it be ok if i just drive safe till then?
  10. The hks has a hi flow cat. Im running a 3 inch all the way with hks es premium exhaust system. Midpipe is 1 resonator and then splits into a Y with 2 exhaust mufflers. Also is the vf45 a twin scroll? I dont know why but its hard to find information on it.
  11. Hey guys I have a tdo4hla in my subaru legacy 04 2L manual. I have a spare vf45 in perfect condition and going for a tune next week so was wondering if the vf45 is a better turbo than the tdo4. Also would you guys choose a 3 inch hks hi flow downpipe or a subtech 2.5 catless downpipe. Not sure which one to put for the tune as well. Thanks
  12. Oh thats good news. Yeah I thought the scoop would be directed wrong. Wouldn't it still flow air normally as before since the intercooler is still in the same location. Maybe if I cut the plastic off the inside of the scoop will help?
  13. Hey guys, plan on buying this top mount intercooler but its for a wrx sgt 08-13. I'm pretty sure the sgt 08-13 and legacy bp5 2004+ are basically identical so it should fit. Can anyone confirm this? cheers. https://www.redlineperformance.co.nz/product/top-mount-intercooler-kit-subaru-wrx-s-gt-2008-to-13-forester-2009-on/
  14. Has anyone tried out this product before? They told me they were unsure it fit my legacy bp5 2004. https://www.cobbtuning.com/products/subaru-5-speed-double-adjustable-short-throw-shifter-1
  15. Auckland and within next 2 weeks Hey I couldnt find it on the website any chance you could link me it thanks