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  1. its exactly on the max fill
  2. used penrite engine flush with old oil then drained and put new one just starts to create boost about 500rpm later than usual. So usually creates boost around 2.2k rpm and now does it around 3k
  3. hey guys back again. Got a legacy 2l turbo 2004. So basically i ran 10w40 semi and just today i flushed the engine and put in 5w40 full synth. It doesnt seem like it boosts as hard anymore. Is this an issue or am I just thinking too much?
  4. Jack.c11


    on your wrx do you use 10w40 semi or full synthetic? I was looking to get the penrite 5w40 full sythn hpr5.
  5. Jack.c11


    should i change the oil asap or just change it to 5w40 next oil chnage?
  6. Jack.c11


    I have a legacy bp5 2l turbo manual. Was wondering what oil everyone uses and which one I should use. I'm currently using penrite 10w40 semi synthetic. My has around 200000kms.
  7. Hey guys, I have a legacy gt wagon 2005 manual 2.0L turbo. The turbo is gone as the turbine is damaged so I need to get a new turbo. Apparently mine has an aftermarket hi flow turbo. Can someone tell me what turbo comes stock in my car. Should I get mine rebuilt or just buy a stock legacy turbo?
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