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  1. I found some 3rd gen legacy coilovers and was wondering if they will fit in the 4th gen legacy sedan. From what I’ve read all I have to do it use the 4th gen top hats for the front and everything will fit.
  2. Has anyone put UEL headers on a non turbo ej20 legacy. can it be done And what work would need to be done if any.
  3. How much of a difference does the pre face lift and the facelift front lips have. Eg would a facelift front lip fit a pre facelift.
  4. Was looking at getting some shocks and springs for my car and found some bilstein shocks and lowering springs from a BP5 and he was running 18x8.5 215/40 will I run into any issues if I put them on a BL5 running 18x9 225/40
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