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  1. Thinking about having a full length underbody tray made and I was wondering if anybody has any info on how effective it is for fuel economy and slipstream etc.
  2. That is a very rover owner type fix. I like it..... (Certainly wont be trying it though)
  3. Thanks mate, any temporary fixes while i wait for the replacement?
  4. I've just taken my 04 WRX to work and found that it will not hit optimum operating temp. First i went to the garage and started the car and left it to idle foe about 5 minutes and the temp gauge had just moved off the bottom line, i then drove off boost for 10 minutes where the gauge red slightly above the bottom mark. then I started climbing gravel hills (I work at a mine) and the temp gauge would climb to just under the 1/3 mark then drop down again at the top of the hill.